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   Chapter 171 The Fake Sect Supremo (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6436

Updated: 2020-01-10 00:23

"No, no, it's not the truth." After hearing Murong Jingxuan's words, Qingyan shook her head with a smile. "A few days later, it will be grandmother's 60th birthday. Otherwise, I will completely destroy Suming's reputation ."

Murong Jingxuan nowunderstood what Su Qingyan meant. According to her words, she wanted Su Qingyuan to marry Su Qingming.

Then he remembered something and asked resignedly, "do you mean to make people think that Su Qingyuan likes Xuanyuan Yvfan?"

"At that time, we will just go with the flow, not to mention that Su Qingyuan was still pregnant, but unfortunately, the baby was doomed not to come to this world."

"By that time, not only will Suming be cursed by everyone, the second prince will also become a detestable bastard. This plan is really excellent."

"I once said before I will not attack unless I'm attacked; if I'm attacked, he'll certainly be punished," she continued, her lips curled into a sneer

What's more, it was meaningless for Su Qingyuan, such a mean person to stay in the world. Why don't she just take her life?

Although she was no longer in the Su Mansion, it didn't mean that she didn't know what happened in the Su Mansion.

Jiang Mengrou, Ye Jiqing and Chai Yiyun were all not kind people.

However, compared wih Jiang Mengrou, Qingyan found more fun in dealing with Ning Siyao.

At least Ning Siyao had Jingguo Marquis at his back. If she wanted to destroy her, she must also destroy Jingguo Marquis first.

"Miss, what kind of Sect Supremo Xuanyuan Yvfan will arrange to meet us tomorrow?" Looking at Qingyan, Hanyan said seriously, "I think that Su Qingming will definitely arrange a man to meet us."

"I agree with you. At least, Su Qingming wouldn't have thought that the Sect Supremo of the Wanshou Pavilion was a woman," Qingyan nodded earnestly

Hearing what Qingyan said, Hanyan shook her head, "It's not like that! I didn't tell him w

"Okay, if the wish of unifying the four kingdoms is realized one day, I'll go with you wherever you go." Qingyan said and held Murong Jingxuan in her arms.

She knew that this was her dream, her only dream.

Looking at the couple who were eager to hug each other, Yaochi suddenly remembered what Qilian Qingyan had told him a long time ago.

"Yaochi, you know what? It was my biggest dream to travel every place with Junmo. But I never expected that I would end up like this. "

Miss, if he could see you like this, he must be very happy, though he doesn't know the news that you are still alive.

But now it seems that he will never know that you are still alive in this world. After all, from now on, you are two people who live in the different time and space.

"Brother, I heard a news that the young general was attacked on the way he came. He must have been ambushed." All of a sudden, Yanmei appeared in front of Yaochi. With a serious look on her face, she asked, "what should we do now?"

"The young general has excellent Kungfu, it's no problem for him to deal with those cannon fodders." Thinking of the past five years during which Qilian Qingyan had grown so much, she smiled and said, "the young general was already a grown-up. He can surely handle it.''

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