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   Chapter 170 Su Qingming (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6096

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Su Qingming didn't expect that Hanyan would say so. But he not only needed the military leadership from military power, but also wanted to find Qingyan's weakness. Both Su Qingyan and Suyun were the ones he wanted to get rid of.

Su Qingyan would yield to them if they blackmailed her with the military power. There's no way Su Qingyan would watch her father deprived of the military power.

"You don't need to worry about it. Just follow our orders, and stay out of this," Su Qingming still had a smile on his face. "You should know that your Sect Supremo is waiting for you not far away."

Hearing that, Hanyan really wanted to overturn the table, but she couldn't do that now, because she knew that she did so, Su Qingyan's plan would be ruined.

"Since you said so, I'll do as you said." Can you let me see the Sect Supremo first?" Hanyan pleaded resignedly.

Su Qingming could not help frowning as he heard this. Then he looked at Xuanyuan Yvfan who was beside him.

Xuanyuan Yvfan stared at Hanyan and said with a smile, "sure. If you want to see the Sect Supremo, I will arrange for you to meet him tomorrow."

As Hanyan heard Xuanyuan Yvfan's words, he still maintained calm and nodded. "Then after I meet the Sect Supremo, I will follow your orders." Hanyan looked at the darkening sky outside the window and said, "I'm leaving now."

Xuanyuan Yvfan was about to send people to follow her, but his people were all dumped. He thought his bodyguard was a first-class assassin, but a young girl managed to escape from their eyes.

Su Qingming looked at Xuanyuan Yvfan, who was thinking about it and asked, "what do you plan to do, your highness?"

Xuanyuan Yvfan stared at Su Qingming and stated impatiently, "what else can we do? We can only find one person to pretend be her Sect Supremo."

"But we

y to make the best of both sides." Looking at Hanyan, Qingyan continued with a smile, "the girl that Ning Siyao likes most is his daughter. And this time, I'll destroy her." Qingyan clenched her fists as she said.

The last thing they should do was to plot against Suyun. And s was exactly her bottom line. And no one could touch this bottom line.

"What's your plan then?" "Do you have any good idea?" Murong Jingxuan asked as he appeared in front of her

Seeing the expression on his face, Qingyan raised her lips and answered, "of course. I will ruin both her daughter and her son this time, and make Suming lose his reputation. This is the consequence of offending me. "

"Qingyan, what's exactly your plan?" "Are you going to play dirty again?" he asked seriously

"I didn't say that I would deal with sum in an open way. This is a great gift for Christina." Qingyan spit out the ghost scorpion and cupped it in her hands. "Ask Su Qingyuan to go to that restaurant with Su Qingming at noon tomorrow ."

The scorpion hid underground and disappeared after it glanced at her.

"You want to make Su Qingming swore by everyone." "But you have to know, it's impossible." Murong Jingxuan said smilingly.

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