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   Chapter 167 Taoist Xuanxin (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6511

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She didn't know what she was feeling when she returned to Xuanyuan Yvning's living palace. She only knew that when she arrived, Xuanyuan Yvning was still sleeping. So she stood in front of the window, recalling what had happened.

It could be said that Qilian Yvran was a ruthless person. She always hurt the ones Qingyan loved and cared about.

She remembered that she was still very young at that time, Qilian Qingyi's mother wanted to become the principal wife through some improper means. Then she suddenly quitted. Qingyan did not know what had changed her mind.

She had been wondering whether her mother died in an accident or not. She had never seen her mother's face except her mother's in the picture.

Her mother's name is Weisheng Bingjing, the sister of the former emperor of the Nanchen Kingdom. She had heard from Qilian Yvran that her mother fell in love with her father at the first sight, and then she married him.

However, his father didn't live up to his mother's expectations, and he Qilian Qingyi's mother in an accident. Later, the mother of Qilian Qingyi didn't become the principal wife, but had lived in the Jiangjunfu as a ordinary wife.

Now she thought that her mother's death must have something to do with Qilian Qingyi and her mother.

She found it hard to believe that Qilian Qingyi would be so cruel to his mother.

But it didn't matter. She will drag Qilian Qingyi into hell again and let her have the taste of the karma fire.

Qingyan raised her head, trying to hold back her tears. She had no tears now, and she would bear all the sufferings alone.

Since then, there had been only one Su Qingyan in the world who was cruel and merciless. She wanted to trample everyone under her feet.

When Xuanyuan Yvning regained his consciousness, he saw Qingyan standing at the window. She walked to the side of Qingyan and patted her on the shoulder. "Qingyan, why did you wake up so early?"

"I can

Don't worry."

"Yun hen is both my master and friend. Without him, I would not be able to have the current body in a reincarnation." Qingyan looked up at Taoist Xuanxin tears on her face. "But he can't persue his dream any more."

Taoist Xuanxin took out a handkerchief to wipe away her tears. "There are nothing more than one persistence in living. If you insist, we can't change it. Why don't you follow this rule?"

Looking at the smile on his face, Qingyan said, "you and our master are always different. Our master is very cold, but you are very gentle."

Hearing her words, Taoist Xuanxin smiled. "Miss, do you know brother has always been like that since childhood? We were adopted by our master and taught by him personally. At last, he asked us to go down the mountain to practice, and then we met you."

"It's my fault "Without me, he must live a better life than he is now."

"Don't be sad. It's his choice."

"People all know your capabilities to see the past and future. But in my opinion, these are secrets that can't be leaked. Why do you still stay in the Donghe Kingdom?" Qingyan asked.

Hearing what Qingyan said, Taoist Xuanxin couldn't help laughing. He touched her face and said, "life is only about obsession. Miss, you don't have to care about these things."

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