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   Chapter 165 Secrets Of The Imperial Palace (Ⅰ)

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A faint smile appeared on Qilian Yvran's face when she heard Qingyan's words. Seeing the smile on Qilian Yvran's face, Emperor Hongjia also felt happy and satisfied.

At this moment, Qingyan thought that even if she was no longer the same person as before, at least nothing had changed, especially that she still had a better family than before.

She still got father, mother, brothers, sisters and her lover.

When Qingyan thought of this, she smiled. At least, she had a bright future ahead of her.

After the dinner, Emperor Hongjia wanted to stay at the Guanjv Palace, but he was rejected by Qilian Yvran. However, she couldn't refuse Qingyan's request.

Therefore, she decided to allow the emperor to stay at the Guanjv Palace, and she went back to her sleeping palace with Xuanyuan Yvning.

It began to snow on their way back to the bedroom. The candle light drew their figures long. It suddenly occurred to Qingyan what had happened in the imperial palace of the Nanchen Kingdom

At that time, Weisheng Junyan, hadn't gotten acquainted with Qilian Qingyi. He always thought of her in the first place when it was snowing, because what Qingyan liked the most was snowing.

But Qilian Qingyi had never enjoyed that warm feeling since she came to the imperial palace. It was as if she lost everything.

The word "empress" was her nightmare for the rest of her life.

She lost her father, her children, and even her true love.

"Qingyan, what's up?" Xuanyuan Yvning asked with concern as he stared at Qingyan. "I noticed that on your way here, you seemed to be thinking about something."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvning's words, Qingyan looked up at her and shook her head with a smile. "I'm just wondering if there are many unknown secrets in the vast imperial palace."

Xuanyuan Yvning didn't expect that Qingyan would think about this, so he laughed and said,

she thought that this should be the house where the newly consort candidates lived.

When Qingyan was lost in thought, another voice came to her clearly, It was the voice of Concubine Xian-Fengqin.

"Mistress, why do you have to please her? You have the same position." The maid asked with a puzzled look.

The corners of the Fengqin curved up. "So what? After all, she's just a silly woman. She thinks that I treat her with all my heart, and I'm just using her as a springboard. My brother once said, if you want to be the owner of the harem, you have to learn to grovel to humble ourselves."

Hearing the Fengqin's words, Qingyan raised her lips. She had never thought that Concubine Min would actually live in her dreams woven by herself. She must have never imagined that her best friend had such a face behind her.

She suddenly remembered that he had also been friendly to Yizhu, but what happened in the end? In the end, Yizhu betrayed her. But it didn't matter. She will make Yizhu suffer in the future.

After all, Yizhu was still alive, and she had a noble status because of Qilian Qingyi.

'But I'll make what you've said become true one day.

That's also the fulfillment of your original dream.' Qingyan murmured to herself.

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