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   Chapter 162 The Truth (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6623

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It seemed that Qilian Yvran hadn't seen Qingyan smiling for a long time, even though she was not Qilian Qingyan.

"Mother, we will meet each other more often in the future. Don't look at me like that." When Qingyan looked up at Qilian Yvran, there was still a smile on her face.

Qilian Yvran didn't say anything. Instead, she raised her head and patted Qingyan on the head. "If it weren't for the fact that you like Morong Jingxuan, I really wanted to let you marry my son. I want you to be my daughter-in-law, so that I can take care of you."

Hearing that, Qingyan couldn't help but laugh. She didn't remember that she had ever shown her love for Murong Jingxuan in front of Qilian Yvran, "Mother..." Thinking of Murong Jingxuan' image as a playboy, Qingyan couldn't help but frown. He always wanted to announce to the world that Qingyan liked him.

"In fact, you didn't show it. Jingxuan has mentioned you a couple of times." "I know what kind of person Jingxuan is. After all, he has been brought up under me. If Jingxuan cares about you, I'm sure you like him as well."

Qingyan looked at Qilian Yvran and said helplessly, "mother, you can't judge my lover for in this way."

Qilian Yvran looked at her with the same gentle smile. "Qingyan, do you have any idea how you treated Junmo back then? Now I find that you treat Jingxuan the same. You must have been in love with him too."

Qingyan couldn't help laughing when she heard what Murong Jingxuan said. She did like James, just like how she treated after she gave birth to him, but it was not the right time for them to have a romantic relationship. Besides, she had something she wanted to do.

Qingyan looked at Qilian Yvran and nodded earnestly. "Indeed, I love him. But I still have something to do now."

"Qingyan, Jingxuan is a good boy. And Jingshu was one of the best friends of Empress Xianyi. I think she must like you too." "I'm glad to see you like this." Qilian Yvran took Qingyan's hands and said

ll love her very much.

"Humph!" When Qilian Yvran heard the name, she couldn't help but put on a disdainful look. "I asked him to send his troops to attack the Nanchen Kingdom, but he refused. How can I forgive him?"

"Mother, you are not a child. How could you be so willful?" "And you need to know, once two countries are fighting, it's common people who suffer. It's not the kind of scene that a kind emperor wants to see that people are drifted and lost their homes."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Qilian Yvran's expression finally softened. "I also know that the forces of the Donghe Kingdom five years ago were indeed inferior to that of Nanchen Kingdom, so he tried very hard to realize the dream of unifying the four kingdoms. The people who have been fighting between two countries have suffered a lot."

Qingyan held Qilian Yvran's hand gently. "Mother, it's not easy to be a emperor. He has to put the country before his family.

After listening to what Qingyan just said, the hatred to hidden little by little in Qilian Yvran's heart began to fade. She turned to the maid and said, "Hexiang, go to tell your father to have dinner with me tonight. If he is late, don't come to my place any more. What's more, tell the fourth prince, the sixth prince and the seventh prince to come to dinner together."

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