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   Chapter 159 Giving The Show Away (Ⅲ)

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For the time being, Qingyan had seriously told Hanyan about the matter of Su Qingming. So Hanyan looked at Qingdai, nodded and said, "don't worry, sister. I won't hurt that guy."

"Qingdai if there is anything wrong with me, please do forgive me." "After all, Hanyan is our little sister. I can take care of her and be responsible, ''

Qingdai nodded seriously and said, "don't worry. I will take good care of him." Then she turned around and left with Hanyan.

Morong Jingxuan was standing on a tree. Yaochi said to him coldly, "I didn't expect your highness to be interested in eavesdropping."

Morong Jingxuan jumped off the tree and snapped, "don't try to hurt Qingyan. I'm not your match, but I won't spare you either."

Remembering what Qingtyan had said to her, Yaochi's face darkened. "Don't worry. I won't bully her. But you. If you bully her, I'll hunt you to the ends of the earth. I promise that no one of your Qixing Hall will survive."

Looking at the Yaochi, Morong Jingxuan smiled and said, "you're more loyal to Qingyan than I thought."

"Of course, we are always loyal to our master." Leaning against the door with her sword, Yaochi looked at Morong Jingxuan and added in a serious tone, "if your highness dares to bully my lady, we will both make you suffer."

Upon hearing the Yaochi's words, Morong Jingxuan burst into laughter. "I promise I won't hurt her. After all, she means a lot to me."

"It's good to hear you personally admit it." Yaochi looked at him and said, "I'm worried that Qingyan might be affected Ruiwang.

"Yaochi, did Qilian Qingyan like Weisheng Junmo very much? Morong Jingxuan looked at Yaochi and said seriously.

His tone was bad, so she didn't mind. Looking at him, Yaochi nodded and said, "They grew u

man who is so gentle that she doesn't even want to kill an ant." Morong Jingxuan said, smiling, "Perhaps it was the same case with Su Qingyan. At that time, Suyun and Luobing hadn't left the city to defend Qinzhou. Under their education, Qingyan grew up well. But later, who knew that Suyun had left, and she had completely changed.

I knew something about Yvonne. They said Yvonne was a good for nothing, which totally set off Sula and Wendy's happiness. But she didn't feel anything.

When we met for the first time, I found that Qingyan's eyes were filled with cruelty and cuteness. Then I began to suspect that she was no longer the girl she used to be. "

"Your Highness, I know that you treat our miss sincerely." Looking at Morong Jingxuan, Yaochi said earnestly, "I'm sure she'll be happier than Sara."

Morong Jingxuan looked at Yaochi and nodded solemnly. "But I'll cherish our current daughter-in-law, no matter she's Su Qingyan or Qilian Qingyan."

Yaochi watched Morong Jingxuan leaving with a faint smile on her lips.

Miss, you will definitely be happy, and your happiness will be protected by us.

This time, I will not let anyone hurt you again.

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