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   Chapter 155 Luring the Snake Out III

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Yaochi looked to Han Yan, yet at the same time, didn't know how to explain the matters regarding Su Qingyan. He could only look at her and earnestly nod.

Seeing Yaochi, Han Yan thus gave up on using the tigers to attack those troops. By the time Su Yun and Luo Bing rushed over, the tigers have already gradually scattered.

But there was also quite a few soldiers that were injured. Fortunately, it was all minor injures and temporarily not a big problem. However, there was also quite a few tigers that have died. Seeing the dead tigers all over the ground, Su Yun tightly creased his brows.

He was unable to imagine the scene at the time. He just felt that it was probably a very horrifying image. Tigers can be considered the king of beasts, and yet it attacked humans without a cause.

"Husband, how's the situation right now?" Luo Bing looked to the corpses of the tigers all over the ground and helplessly spoke, "Just who in the world did this!?"

Su Yun looked to Luo Bing and shook his head, "Right now, the military rights are in my hands. There are too many people eyeing my military power. Specifically which prince, I can't say for sure either."

Luo Bing knew Su Yun has always been worried about the matters with the military rights. In the beginning, it was also because of this reason that Su Yun directly rejected Hongjia Emperor when he mentioned to let Qingyan marry Xuanyuan Yufan.

Although Su Yun still belong to Hongjia Emperor right now, but if a marriage alliance really was formed, then Xuanyuan Yufan will surely use the military power in his hands to rebel. Regardless of how Su Yun treated the Crown Prince, he felt that Xuanyuan Yufan wasn't suited for the throne.

"Lord husband, there's no need to worry." Luo Bing said as she grasped Su Yun's hand. "How about thinking about how to tell today's matter to the Emperor."

Su Yun looked to Luo Bing and nodded, "Indeed." Su Yun said as he headed in the direction of the camp.


Qingyan didn't think that she would reunite with Han Yan under these circumstances. She looked to Han Yan standing in front of her with her brows creased, and yet Han Yan was jumping up and down at her side with an excited look, "Master, master, I'm taller than you now."

Han Yan was an orphan, and can

ngyan's words, and a pretty smile appeared on her lips. Afterwards, she happily jumped up, "So great, so great, from now on I can follow master."

"Miss, what should we do now? How should we deal with Su Qingming?" Yaochi walked to Qingyan's side and faintly spoke, "If we rashly go find Su Qingming, I'm afraid it will be disadvantages to us too."

Qingyan looked to Yaochi and earnestly nodded, "You have a point, however this matter we can't just take it lying down either. Though I'm curious to see how Hongjia Emperor will deal with this matter."

"According to Miss's meaning...?" When Yaochi looked to Qingyan, he had a doubtful look on his face. In the past, he could still more of less guess what Qilian Qingyan was thinking. But now, he completely couldn't figure out just what this little girl before him was thinking of.

"If my guess is right, Xuanyuan Yufan will surely block this matter of his own accord. But afterwards, we'll just have to see what Xuanyuan Yufan does. With this many dead, I naturally will have to make him pay." Qingyan said as she clenched her fist.

"Master, I've went and talked to them. They were indeed manipulated by someone, so that's why they would attack humans." The white tiger landed by Qingyan's side with a leap. Then, it sprawled out by Qingyan's side, leisurely waving its tail.

"Since that's the case, Han Yan." Qingyan said as she turned her sight onto the young girl behind her, "Just use your spiritual arts. When the time comes, let Xuanyuan Yufan also have a taste."

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