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   Chapter 154 Luring the Snake Out II

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Jia Yun evidently didn't expect that Qingyan would say something like that. When she looked to Qingyan, she had a shocked look on her face.

Yet Qingyan still maintained a gentle smile. She looked to Jia Yun and said, "What, aunty is unwilling to help us take care of Xue'er and Cong'er?"

Jia Yun turned her sight towards Su Yun and Luo Bing, "How can I not? Such cute children, naturally I like them too."

"Daddy, mother, do you think it's good? Letting aunty have someone to keep her company in the courtyard." Qingyan said as she casted her gaze onto Su Yun and Luo Bing.

Su Yun and Luo Bing naturally didn't have any complaints. After all, these two children's mother just left them; to them, this was also quite a blow. If there's someone that can stay by their side, then naturally it's for the best.

Su Yun glanced to Luo Bing, "Wife, what do you think?"

Luo Bing spoke as she turned her sight to Jia Yun, "Since younger sister doesn't mind, then naturally I would be happy to agree too. After all, husband and I don't spend a lot of time at the manor."

Jia Yun looked to Su Yun and wanted to kneel down, but was stopped by Su Yun and Luo Bing, "We're all one family, there's no need to be so formal between family."

"Right, right." Qingyan looked to them grinning.

This way, Jia Yun can also take care of them with the identity of a mother. At least this way, whether it's for Su Qingxue or Su Qingcong, it was a good thing.

"Father, mother, the once in a year Laba festival is about to arrive. When the time comes, you're not allowed to go the barracks." Qingyan said as she wrapped around Su Yun's arm and spoke like a spoiled child.

"Alright, when it's the Laba festival, we'll definitely stay in the manor to accompany Yan'er."

Qingyan looked to Su Yun and nodded with a smile. That said, she turned her gaze to Su Qingyu. "Elder brother, I heard that recently there's been quite a few wild beasts appearing outside the city. When elder brother is at the barracks, you definitely need to be exceptionally careful."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Su Qingyu straightened his chest and patted her shoulders, "Don't worry, elder brother is someone who practices martial arts, I'll surely be fine."

Qingyan looked to Su Qingyu's behavior and spoke with a smile, "Yan'er naturally believes in big brother."

But just then, a servant came to report, saying the army barracks outside the city encountered an attack by wild beasts. Furthermore, the number was hig

look. "Someone told me that as long as I wipe out these people, they'll tell me where master is!"

Yaochi gave Han Yan a fist. The only thing bad about Han Yan was that she was too easily manipulated by others, because Han Yan very rarely steps out of Nanchen. But Yaochi never expected that they would reunite with Han Yan at this time.

"Idiot!" Yaochi said, feeling disappointed for her to not have lived up to expectations. "Didn't I say to have you all quietly stay at the headquarters!? Why did you come out?!"

Han Yan rubbed her head and spoke in grievance, "I saw that you all didn't return for a long time, so naturally I became anxious."

"Miss has already been found. It's been confirmed that she's the previous pavilion master, however she's reincarnated into someone else's body." Yaochi looked to Han Yan and reluctantly spoke, "Those people you injured are all miss's daddy's troops."

"AH!!!!" Han Yan cried out in shock, "I heard Su Qingming said, as long as I help them wipe out these troops, he'll tell me where miss is."

"Really stupid." Yaochi said with a look of disappointment, "Hurry up and pull back. Wait till you meet miss, see how you're going to explain."

Han Yan saw Yaochi's indifferent appearance and curled her lips, "Protector, it's not like I meant to, I was just too impatient."

"How did you get involved with Su Qingming? Miss said, he's not a good person." Yaochi looked to Han Yan with a helpless expression, "Han Yan, you're not young anymore, don't always let us worry about your safety like older brothers."

Han Yan looked to Yaochi and earnestly nodded, "However, protector, will miss really come?"

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