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   Chapter 153 Luring the Snake Out I

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The morning of the next day, Qingyan woke up very early. After she finished freshening up, she stood alone in the courtyard.

A night of snowing dyed the entire courtyard silver, making it appear like brilliant white snow covers.

Qingdai and Chishao had the habit of doing morning exercises. Even if it was in this cold winter, they still maintained their habit of doing morning exercises just like before. But as soon as they walked out of their room, they unexpectedly saw Qingyan wearing a large mink fur coat, holding a warm hand furnace, standing all alone in the snow.

"Miss, why did you wake up so early today?" Qingdai walked over to Qingyan's side and asked in surprised, "Could it be that you didn't sleep well last night again?"

Qingyan looked to Qingdai, shaking her head, "I just woke a bit early. Last night it snowed heavily, so I still slept quite well."

Chishao looked to Qingyan's appearance and spoke with a smile, "Miss, since you've woken up early, why don't you do morning exercises together with this servant for a bit? Besides, miss has a good foundation anyways."

"Alright!" Qingyan said as she placed the hand furnace to the side. "Yesterday, it snowed for an entire night. Let's have a snowball fight."

Yaochi, Yanmei, and Anying woke from the sounds coming from the courtyard. Only they knew how many countless days and nights it has already been since they've last slept so soundly like this.

In the five years Qilian Qingyan has passed away, they would often be awoken by nightmares, especially Yaochi. In Yaochi's dreams, he would dream of Qingyan crying out to him for help, asking him why he didn't come save her. She seems to have already become Yaochi's nightmare.

But last night, he slept unexpectedly well. In his dreams, Qilian Qingyan didn't appear asking him for help. Instead, he dreamt of many years ago, that scene when they first met. It was as if everything had come to a stop when he accepted Su Qingyan yesterday.

When Yaochi and the others pushed opened the door, they saw three figures in the courtyard having a snowball fight. Qingyan's movements were still as graceful as before.

He remembered many years ago, Qilian Qingyan also liked having snowball fights with those servant girls from her courtyard. But no matter what, she never would have thought that in the end, it was actually Yizhu that betrayed her.

Feeling a slight chil

eat together.

"His Majesty said today's a holiday, so to let your mother and I stay at home and rest for a day. Today we'll just have your big brother go to the barracks." Su Yun said as he stroked Qingyan's head, "What, still not happy?"

Qingyan looked to Su Yun's appearance and shook her head, coquettishly saying, "How can I not, naturally daughter is happy. Your daughter hasn't eaten a meal together with daddy in a very long time."

"Elder brother and elder sister-in-law indeed hasn't eaten a meal together with us in a very long." Jia Yun, seeing their family being so harmonious, said with a smile. Afterwards, she casted her gaze onto Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong next to her.

"Oh right, aunty, have you married?" Qingyan said as she turned her gaze onto Jia Yun.

Jia Yun listened to Qingyan's words and turned her sight back onto the two next to her, "If my children were still alive, then they should also be around Xue'er and Cong'er's age."

Qingyan listened Jia Yun's words and nodded in satisfaction. Afterwards, pretending to be concerned, she said, "Aunty, I'm sorry, Yan'er didn't know you....."

"No matter, that many years have passed already. I've already been relieved long ago. Moreover, my husband is no longer here either." Jia Yun looked to Qingyan, maintaining a smile on her face.

"Father, mother, look, how about we do it like this. We've already adopted Xue'er and Cong'er into the manor, but you two are out for a long time. How about we give Xue'er and Cong'er to aunty to raise. That way, aunty can have someone to take care of her in her elderly years."

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