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   Chapter 152 Safe and Worry-free

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Ever since seeing Weisheng Minning in a dream last time, she would occasionally have that kind of similar dreams again. She can hear their voices, can see their appearances, yet from beginning to end, she is unable to touch them.

In the dream, she's like a wisp of spirit, when touched, the living would go through her. Under that kind circumstance, did she finally realize she was only a ghost. And everything she witnessed was only but the moon reflected in the water.

Weisheng Minning was groomed into a killer by Weisheng Junmo, a cold-blooded killer. But she knew that deep down her Ning'er was still very kind, and he still has engraved in his heart everything related to her, his Empress-mother.

And as for Jing'er, she was being well protected by him. Jing'er was still that innocent and carefree young girl, and she doesn't know Ning'er is doing such dreadful things. In her heart, her eldest brother is forever the one that has always loved and protected her.

When Qingyan thought to this point, she closed her eyes. There will be a day when she returns. Return to that place, the place she was born and raised, the Nanchen that buried her entire youth, as Su Qingyan.

"Master, the young General seems to wholeheartedly want to come to Donghe, however has always been rejected by this subordinate." Yanmei thought of Qilian Qingyang's words previously and turned his sight to Qingyan, "What should we do?"

"Let him come." Qingyan turned her head around and plainly spoke, "Some things, even if we want to escape, doesn't mean we can escape. Little brother's age isn't small anymore. If he can come to rely on aunty, perhaps it's not a bad thing either."

Qilian Yuran's weight in their hearts was still very important. Qingyan knew that Qilian Qingyang wanting to come to Donghe at this time, was nothing more than to come rely on Qilian Yuran's help. He must be thinking that he can get revenge on Nanchen through Qilian Yuran's help.

"Master, right now, the young General is also our organization's first, if not second, best person that's a master of the Qi Huang technique*. If we let him come to Donghe to join the army, it's not necessarily a bad thing." Yaochi looked to Qingyan and spoke, "Furthermore, the organization also has the special firearms division."

(*T/N: It's medical technique relating to traditional Chinese medicine. The history of it dates back to Yellow Emperor and his subject Qi Bo,

's methods were indeed more useful than she'd imagined.

"How could I go seduce General Su." When Jia Yun heard this, she made a helpless expression, "Moreover, I don't have any feelings towards the General either!"

Qingyan looked to Jia Yun and shook her head, "Aunty, do you know what 'the wickedness of the human heart' means? Some things, just because you're unwilling, doesn't mean you don't need to do them. This matter, just pretend you don't know for now. Let me think about how to deal with it."

Jia Yun looked to Qingyan and earnestly nodded, "If I can have Yan'er's assistance, then naturally it's for the best."

Qingyan looked to Jia Yun and nodded smiling, "Aunty, don't worry."

After Jia Yun finished speaking with Qingyan, she turned and left. Seeing Jia Yun's retreating figure, Qingyan's brows tightly creased. In this General's manor, just who is Ning Siyao's spy.

Just what should we do to catch this mole?

If we need to lure the snake out of the hole, then who should we use as bait? Besides, Su Yun inherently isn't proficient with the matters of the back manor, so to tell this matter to Su Yun was impossible.

"Miss, just now, what did Madam Jia come to say? Why are you frowning?" Baizhi said as she appeared with a plate of red bean rice cake. "This is the pastry that just came out of the pot, miss have a taste."

Seeing the red bean rice cake before her, the corner of Qingyan's lips delightfully hooked into a curve. If she didn't remember incorrectly, that person seems to also like red bean rice cake the most too.

Tsk. This big surprise, Ning Siyao, will you like it?

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