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   Chapter 151 Jiang-shi's Secret III

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When Qingyan left from the slums, she brought the three of them with her. Zizhu, who was following at her side, naturally didn't recognize these three, but Qingdai and Chishao were still very familiar with the three of them.

Because they were precisely the Thousand Beast Pavilion's four guardians' Qinglong, Baihu, and Zhuque.

They'd once seen their appearances before in a drawing. It's said that their martial art skills, in Jianghu, were not at all inferior to the Seven Star Hall. Moreover, they possess an intelligence network even more accurate than the Seven Star Hall.

She'd never imagined that Qingyan would actually be able to recruit the three of them. But she saw the calm look on Qingyan's face, as if she was already familiar with them.

When they returned to the General's manor, Su Yun just happened to see them. And Qingyan just very simply explained their identity. Qingyan's intentions were very simple, for a girl, there was still the need to have people at her side to protect her. She couldn't let Su Yun continuously worry about her.

Seeing Qingyan like that, Su Yun naturally also gladly agreed, but he still couldn't help testing the three's martial art skills. He could clearly tell that these three's martial art skills all came from the same place. But just exactly which sect, he couldn't tell.

"Daddy, they're all my bodyguards, as a General, how could you bully them." Qingyan looked to Su Yun and said in a pouting tone, "You need to believe your daughter's eyes."

Su Yun looked to Qingyan who was acting like a spoiled child and patted her head, "Daddy naturally believes you."

Qingyan smiled at Su Yun and nodded, "Isn't it just fine? From now on, they'll be daughter's courtyard's bodyguards. In the future, there definitely won't be anyone that will dare to bully your daughter."

Su Yun pinched her nose, "Who dares to bully my daughter, I'll chop them up."

"Yes, yes, yes. Daddy is the strongest. Daddy's a great hero in this daughter's heart." Qingyan looked to Su Yun and still spoke in a childish manner. "Oh right, I'm going to go arrange a place for them to stay now."

Su Yun looked to Qingyan and nodded with a smile, "Go ahead."

Qingyan brought Yaochi and the others back to her Yingshuang yard. After returning to the yard, the first thing she did was inquire about the matter related to Jiang Mengrou.

"Yaochi, regarding Jiang Mengrou's matter, how's the investigation going?" Qingyan s

orner of her lips.

"That's right, master, regarding the old General and young General's matters?" Yaochi looked to Qingyan and thought of Qilian Yuyun and Qilian Qingyang. Right now, Qingyan was already their pavilion master, it seems there's still the need to tell her about what had happened previously.

"Daddy has retired to the mountains, and my younger brother* from the same mother was saved by you all while he was being sent to exile. As for Ning'er and Jing'er, they were taken away by Weisheng Junmo, correct?" Qingyan turned her head around and looked to Yaochi with a smile, "These things, I've already learned from Shizi."

(*T/N: I wonder if he's her twin younger brother, since previously it mentioned that her mother died shortly after she was born. Or one of those inconsistencies that the author overlooked....)

Yaochi looked to Qingyan and paused for a moment, before continuing, "Although it's as such, the old General didn't really retire into the mountains, but is together with Gentleman Weisheng. It's said that Nanchen's Eight Trigram Sect was established by Gentleman Weisheng. In addition, before coming to Donghe, I've heard that the Eight Trigram Sect has brought up a very strong assassin. Wherever this assassin goes, not a single life remains. This subordinate is thinking, that assassin....."

"Is possibly Ning'er, right?" Qingyan interrupted Yaochi's words and plainly spoke, "Junmo instilling the thought of revenge inside Ning'er, this bit, I've already thought of. If he can let Ning'er live on like this, perhaps it's not bad."

Because as long as he was still alive, they can be reunited.

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