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   Chapter 150 The Slums

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Early morning of the next day, when Su Qingyan woke up, she found that the sun was already past the third pole*. After she put on her outer clothing and pulled open the door, she saw Zizhu and the others currently busying themselves in the courtyard. Looks like the once in a year Laba rice porridge festival was almost here.

(*T/N: This is converted to around 9am in modern time; it's also considered to be waking up very late at this time, since ancient people wake up at the crack of dawn, so this phrase both has a figurative and literal meaning in this context.)

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Zizhu opened her mouth with a smile, "Miss, you're awake. This servant saw you were sleeping soundly early, so didn't wake you."

Qingyan smiled, seeing them being busy in the courtyard, "No matter. Besides, I haven't rested like this in a very long time either."

"Miss, quickly go in. Look at this sky, maybe it'll be snowing soon." Baizhi said as she pushed Qingyan into the room. "Miss don't catch a cold."

Qingyan looked to Baizhi and patted her head, "No harm, this Miss's body is very healthy."

"Miss, today the young master even ordered us to make sure Miss keeps warm." Huangcen said as she took down the things hanging from the clothes line. "Young master said, there might even be a huge snowstorm today."

The sky was getting more and more dark, as if it was precisely the calm before the storm. And shortly after, fluttering snowflakes floated about the sky. Afterwards, the snow got heavier and heavier, and in the short time to burn an incense, the ground was already covered in a layer of silver.

"Wah, it really did snow. Thinking about it, the snow this year, seemed to have fallen early." Huangcen stood under the eaves watching the ground get covered in snow, "This servant remembers that Miss used to hate snow the most in the past."

"Qingyan was afraid of the cold, so naturally hated snow very much. But the her now, quite liked the snow, because she once heard her father say that she was born during a snowy day. And that snowy day was exceptionally cold. She survived, but her mother wasn't able to pull through that coldest winter.

"Miss, what are you thinking about?" Zizhu said while she placed a cloak onto Qingyan's shoulders. "If you feel it's cold outside, this servant will go prepare a hand furnace for you right away."

Qingyan looked to Zizhu and shook her head, "No need,

they!?" Qingdai covered her nose and looked to them with a disdainful look, "Miss, let's just go back."

"Qingdai, Chishao, you two go back first." Qingyan turned around and looked to them with a serious expression.

Although Qingdai and Chishao were from the Seven Star Hall, and towards this kind of situation, were also able to keep calm at the unexpected, it was really still their first coming to the slums of Diqiu.

Hearing Qingyan's words, they turned and left without a second thought. Anyways, based on Qingyan's martial art skills, dealing with these people, they were still very confident in.

Seeing Qingdai and Chishao have already gone far, the three of them knelt down before Qingyan at once, "This subordinate greets Miss."

Qingyan looked to their appearance and helplessly shook her head, "Just call me master, what Miss, it's not like I care about those things."

"It really is master!" Yanmei looked to Qingyan with a happy expression, "Master, it's been five years. We haven't seen master in five years."

Qingyan looked to Yanmei and smiled, "Five years, and you're still like before, so improper.

Yaochi looked to Yanmei also with a sneering expression, "That's right, still so improper."

"Master, this time, we'll definitely protect you properly." Anying stood to the side and looked to Qingyan, scratching his head with a serious expression, "I'd never expect that I could meet master again under these circumstances."

"Right." Qingyan turned her head to look out the window, slowly opening her mouth, "I didn't think I would be using this body to reunite with all you either."

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