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   Chapter 149 Jiang-shi's Secret II

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Currently, Jiang Mengrou was lying on her bed in her own yard. When she closed her eyes, it was as if she could see those things that happened that year. She didn't know how long it's been since that time, but she knew very clearly in her heart what kind of place that person had in her heart.

Unable to forget, unable to erase, a memory carved into her bones and engraved in her heart.

That was a dream when Jiang Mengrou was a young girl, but that dream, in the end, was mercilessly destroyed. She become a daughter of a criminal and was heartlessly trampled on by others. The one that extended a helping hand to her was precisely her current husband, Su Ming.

When Jiang Mengrou thought of this, the glistening tears rolled down from her eyes.

Su Yun, Su Yun, at the time, if only you could have given me another glance, I wouldn't have ended up with no choice but to become a concubine like now.

Jiang Mengrou closed her eyes. Past memories seemed to surge violently like the tides.

20 years ago.

When Jiang Mengrou was still a sheltered young girl, at that time, the Jiang family was still one of the top wealthy families within Diqiu. Everyone when mentioning the Jiang family's eldest daughter, were all praising her beauty. She was equally as famous as the Jing Marquis manor's Ning Siyao.

"Big sister, what are you looking at?" Jiang Mengrou was staring at a figure outside the window, blankly lost in thought, "Could it be that you've taken a fancy to some family's young master?"

Hearing her little sister making fun of her, Jiang Mengrou turned her head around and gently slapped her on the head, "What nonsense are you saying, little sister."

When Jiang Menghan followed Jiang Mengrou's gaze and looked over, she just happened to see Su Yun riding on the back of a horse, returning from battle in victory.

At that time, the twenty year old Su Yun had already made a name for himself in his youth. He was the man everyone in the entirety of Diqiu wanted to marry. And she also from that glance thoroughly fell for Su Yun.

Jiang Mengrou didn't notice the mischievous glint in Jiang Menghan's eyes. Afterwards in a moment of carelessness, she was offhandedly pushed by Jiang Menghan. And just like that, she directly fell from there.

Hearing a sudden scream, Su Yun immediately flew over and caught her at once, preventing her from getting intimate with the ground.

Su Yun was a martial artist, he didn't think it was too strange, but Jiang Mengrou at the moment was already red in the cheeks, "Many thanks young master Su for saving me."

Su Yun looked to the y

'd always dreamed of.

In the manor, she neither fought nor competed. She also never made it difficult for Ning Siyao. Thus, Ning Siyao naturally didn't bother to deal with her. Towards this concubine, she'd also never bothered to get involved with either.

Later, when she learned that Luo Bing was pregnant, she began having wicked thoughts. She wanted Su Yun to never have a good life in this lifetime. She also wanted Su Yun to live in guilt for all his life.

Afterwards, she decided to use poison, bit by bit, over a long period of time, she fed the pregnant Luo Bing poison. But she didn't expect that not only did Luo Bing not die, she even healthily gave birth to Su Qingyan.

But after that, she finally learned, when Luo Bing was pregnant, those toxins all were passed onto Qingyan in the womb. All passed onto the daughter she painstakingly gave birth to.

Jiang Mengrou didn't like Su Qingyan and didn't want to see that face that was a bit similar to Luo Bing's. She once thought of a way to say bad things about Su Qingyan in front of Ning Siyao. Eventually, Ning Siyao decided to raise Qingyan at her knees, and thus raising her into that personality.

But who knew that everything afterwards weren't as she'd imagined. Everything was all progressing in another unknown direction.

"Yiniang*, third miss has come, said she wanted to meet Yiniang." Liang Chen's voice sounded by Jiang Mengrou's ears.

(*T/N: How concubines of a household are addressed as.)

When Jiang Mengrou heard it was Su Qingting, her lips overflowed with a smile. Although she didn't have any feelings towards Su Ming, towards her only daughter, she was still very good to.

Yet no one knew, the secret she had hidden in her heart.

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