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   Chapter 148 Jiang-shi's Secret I

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Qingyan at this time suddenly recalled Jiang Mengrou's matter that Murong Jingxuan mentioned previously. She turned her gaze towards the serious looking Yaochi standing behind her, "Yaochi, you go and investigate the Su manor's Jiang Mengrou. I want to know what kind of past she has with my daddy."

"Jiang Mengrou?" Yaochi look to Qingyan, who was standing in front of the window, "Could it be...." Yaochi in the end didn't say the suspicions in his heart out loud.

He faintly felt that the Su Qingyan before him really seemed to have become different from the previous incarnation's Qilian Qingyan. This time, Su Qingyan seems to carry a vicious determination that the previous incarnation didn't have. So much so that there even a trace of cruel ruthlessness.

If put in the past, how could she possibly go kill someone in that kind of situation, to directly go take a life. She originally was a gentle woman, who couldn't even bear killing an ant, but in the end she ended with that kind of ending.

"That's right." Qingyan turned her head around to look at Yaochi with a serious expression, "Perhaps she's the one that poisoned me." Qingyan said as she tightly clenched her fist. "So I must know what kind of past exist between Jiang Mengrou and daddy."

"This subordinate understands. I'll go take care of it right away." Yaochi said as he flew out from the window.

Seeing Yaochi's figure leaving, Qingyan's voice faintly sounded, "Fengqing, return to Shizi's side, I have Yaochi and the others to protect me here."

In the next moment, Fengqing appeared before Su Qingyan; he looked to Qingyan with a confused expression and asked, "Master, we're all killers who lack human nature, but why is master able to treat us so open-heartedly."

Fengqing had already been following by Qingyan's side for some time now, so Qingyan's personality he was still very clear about. A seemingly cruel and heartless woman like this yet treated the people by her side with such kindness. So much so that she was able to even take all aspects into consideration for them.

"His Highness, Shizi, doesn't treat you all well?" Qingyan looked to Fengqing and calmly spoke.

"Naturally, no. His Highness treats us also like his own kin." Fengqing looked to Qingyan and replied in seriousness.

"Right. Only a master who can understand others, can have a large number of people following after them. Something that clearly doesn't need to be settled by force, why use force to settle it?" Qingyan said as she lifted up the teacup on the table and slowly began drink

clear. But when the time comes, we'll know."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen was still very reassuring of Su Qingyan's people. If it's Su Qingyan's people, then he won't have to take great lengths to go find that person. After all, they were all on the same boat.


"Elder brother, I discovered something incredible." Yanmei said as he appeared at Yaochi's side. "It turns out that Xiuran was actually Jing Marquis's eldest legitimate son. Tsk tsk tsk."

When Yaochi heard this news, the corner of his lips perked up, "Second brother, I also have a good news to tell you."

Yanmei saw that Yaochi had a stern expression and spoke with a smile, "Don't tell me that Su Qingyan really is our pavilion master."

Yaochi listened to Yanmei's words and nodded with a smile, "That's right, I've already confirmed. So as of right now, she's our second appointed pavilion master."

Hearing Yaochi's words, Yanmei's lips cracked into a smile, "That's really great, then when can we go to master's side. I really miss master!"

"Miss arranged for us to investigate Su manor's Jiang Mengrou's matter. You go pass on the news, let all our people help investigate. It's best to be able to finish investigating within a day."

Yanmei listened to Yaochi's words and earnestly nodded. After letting out a whistle, a gyrfalcon appeared on the window ledge. He immediately wrote on a slip of paper and placed it into the tube next to the gyrfalcon.

"Go, remember to tell them Miss has returned. They'll naturally also be very happy." Yanmei said as he patted the bird on the head.

After the gyrfalcon flew in a circle around the ceiling beams once, it disappeared out the window before their eyes.

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