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   Chapter 147 Thousand Beast Pavilion Master II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7663

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Qingyan looked to Yaochi before her, thinking that he probably saw that Qilian Qingyan. The Qilian Qingyan wearing a bright yellow phoenix gown, the former Thousand Beast Pavilion's master.

"Miss, that time, why did you let me leave you?" Yaochi stretched his hand towards Qingyan. "Why did you make that kind of decision, why didn't you wait for me to come back?"

Qingyan walked up to Yaochi and patted his head, "Yaochi, this isn't your fault. I have my own resolve, I don't regret it."

Yaochi looked to Qingyan, the expression on his face thoroughly relaxed. "Miss, the red lotus flames of hell, can you endure it?"

Qingyan walked up to his side and cupped his cheeks. His appearance was still as exquisite as it was five years ago. As for those scarlet eyes, she knew the special traits of each of her four guardians, and this secret, aside from herself, no one else knew.

Once those eyes were dyed scarlet, then that person will mistakenly fall to the heart's demons, and be controlled by the inner demons, thus falling into the non-path.

The so called non-path was: no life, no death, no injury, no end, and after death, unable to reincarnate.

And if Yaochi's eyes were dyed scarlet, even the number one martial artist of Jianghu, Fengqing, wouldn't likely be his match either. And in this vast world, these scarlet eyes, only Qilian Qingyan alone could dispel.

"Yaochi, this Empress has returned. Stay by this Empress's side." Qingyan looked to Yaochi, still maintaining a bright smile on her face. "This time, I'll never leave Yaochi again."

Yaochi looked to Qingyan before him and pulled her into his embrace at once, saying in a low voice, "Don't leave."

Qingyan lifted her hand to wipe the sweat from his face, "I won't leave."

I'll never leave again, because I can't bear letting you be all alone in this world.

She suddenly recalled the first time meeting Yaochi and the others. At that time, Yaochi was still called Qinglong. On his back was a tattoo of a giant azure dragon, and he was also an infamous hoodlum within the borders of Nanchen. Anyone who saw his real appearance would all mercilessly die at his hands.

Yet she used her warmth to reform him, reformed her four guardians of the Thousand Beast Pavilion.

Qinglong, Baihu, Zhuque, X

er of his eyes also smiled, "Yes, Miss."

"Alright, today after you go back, I will think of a way to let the three of you enter the Su manor. This way Fengqing doesn't have to stay by my side anymore." Qingyan looked to Yaochi and handed him the spice pouch she'd always carried with her, "I made four, one for each of you."

Yaochi looked to the spice pouch in his hand and saw the patterns on the pouch. Earnestly nodding, he replied, "I understand, many thanks Miss."

Recalling Fengqing's movements from earlier, Yaochi looked to Qingyan and asked with a serious expression, "The Fengqing who've been following by Miss's side previously, is he that Seven Star Hall's strongest member?"

Qingyan listened to his words and nodded, "That's right, because Murong Shizi is precisely the Seven Star Hall's master. And he'll probably become my husband in the future, so in the future, don't injure our own people."

Seeing a smile come across Qingyan's lips, Yaochi also felt relieved at last. He knew that in the past, Qilian Qingyan only had Weisheng Junmo in her heart. He was also afraid that Qingyan still clung to Weisheng Junmo in her heart.

But now hearing her say this, the expression on his face relaxed. After all, now, she was only Su Qingyan.

"Yaochi, you don't need to worry. Although I still worry about Weisheng Junmo in my heart, that is in the past after all." Qingyan turned her head to look at Yaochi and spoke. "But now and even in the future, my husband will probably only be Murong Jingxuan."

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