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   Chapter 146 Thousand Beast Pavilion Master I

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Although Xuanyuan Yuzhen had doubts about Xiuran's death, but because of Su Qingyan, he still dispelled that smudge of misgiving in his heart.

He had never met Qilian Qingyan before, so he didn't notice the similarities between Qilian Qingyan and Su Qingyan either.

Just occasionally when hearing Qilian Yuran mention her, he felt that perhaps in some aspect, Su Qingyan was Qilian Qingyan.

"Yuzhen, if there's nothing else, I'll send Yan'er back first." Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan lying on the bed and calmly spoke.

Qingyan sat up and looked to them, helplessly speaking, "I can go back by myself." With that said, Qingyan crawled down from the bed, "Besides, it's not appropriate for you two to appear at the Su manor at this time."

Although it's already been a few days since the Dragon Gate Banquet, Hongjia Emperor knowing about this matter, for the people present, was still nevertheless worrisome. That's why they didn't say anything else.

As for Su Yun, he still maintained attending the imperial court everyday. Su Qingyu and Luo Bing thus was in charge of handling the army barrack outside the city. And Su Qingyan, only after learning that Xiuran was kept in this prison, did she decide to appear here at this time.

Furthermore, she had originally came here by herself, letting Murong Jingxuan send her back was really a bit embarrassing.

"Yan'er, your body?" Murong Jingxuan saw Su Qingyan's determined look and couldn't help frowning.

Qingyan shook her head at him, "I'm fine."

Murong Jingxuan knew that Su Qingyan was some with principles. And this bottom line, she doesn't hope for anyone to touch upon. So after sending Qingyan away, he once again returned to the prison.

Qingyan sat by herself in the horse carriage, thinking about that gaze from the Dragon Gate Banquet. She thought for a long time and finally realized that the gaze probably belonged to Yaochi.

Yaochi's gaze, only when facing Qilian Qingyan, appeared especially gentle. And when regarding others, he's always met them with his cold gaze.

This was also the reason why Qilian Qingyan would fancy Yaochi.

Yaochi was an expert martial artist second only to Fengqing in Jianghu. If she can become the Thousand Beast Pavilion master, then she can think of a way to leave Yaochi, Yanmei, and Anying

nd Beast Pavilion Qilian Qingyan created even more.

"Yaochi." Qingyan step by step walked towards him. She looked to her own pair of fair white hands. "Qilian Qingyan is already dead, she died in a huge fire. That feeling of the blazing red flame burning the body, you'll forever never be able to experience."

Yaochi grabbed Qingyan by the throat at once. Yaochi raised his scarlet eyes filled with killing intent. "Miss still hasn't died. She can't die, she wouldn't leave us behind."

Qingyan felt Yaochi's hand getting tighter and tighter, but she still maintained a gentle smile on her face. "Yaochi, Qilian Qingyan's dead, but I'm still alive."

Yaochi couldn't hear Qingyan's words anymore. Seeing Yaochi on the brink of going mad, Qingyan attempted to reach her hand towards him, her mouth seemingly slowly mouthing that name that Yaochi hasn't heard in many years---Qinglong*.

(*T/N: His other name translates to azure dragon)

Hearing this name, Yaochi's eyes instantly returned to their normal color. Afterwards, he released his grip. Qingyan very naturally landed on the ground.

"Yaochi, Qilian Qingyan is already dead." Qingyan walked to Yaochi's side and spoke in a deep voice, "So you don't need to shoulder that responsibility. This was her choice."

When Yaochi lifted his head to look towards Qingyan, he seemed to see the former Qilian Qingyan. Seemingly seeing a woman in bright yellow standing behind Su Qingyan, and that woman carried a bright smile on her face, "Yaochi, this Empress has already returned."

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