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   Chapter 145 Xiuran's Death III

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When Xiuran saw Su Qingyan, he also had a face full of shock. It was as if he'd seen Qilian Qingyan come, treading on many red lotus*. He seem to have seem Qilian Qingyan's malevolent appearance.

(*T/N: Red lotus has a meaning of revenge.)

"Qilian Qingyan, you, how could you have suddenly appeared here?" Xiuran looked to Su Qingyan before him and coldly laughed, "What? Are you preparing to take me to hell?!"

Qingyan listened to Xiuran's words and frowned in confusion. Why did Xiuran see her as Qilian Qingyan?

"Qilian Qingyan, I know you hate her, but can you not extract your revenge on her?" Xiuran watched Qingyan approaching step by step and painfully pleaded, "What do you want to know, I'll tell you everything. I just beg you to forgive Xiao* Yi."

(*T/N: He's referring to Qilian Qingyi, he calls her Xiao Yi which translates to 'little Yi' as an intimate way to call her.)

Hearing that name coming from Xiuran's mouth, Qingyan felt incomparably disgusted, but for some reason, her body suddenly couldn't move. She stood in her original spot and just felt her head painfully ache. And afterwards, she heard that beyond familiar voice.

"Xiuran, the grudges between your Qilian Qingyi and I, isn't something that can be resolved with just your words."

"Your Highness, Xiao Yi and I have loved for so many years, but because she yearned for power, I lost her." Xiuran looked to Qingyan still with a pleading look.

"Ning Xiuran, I can't possibly let off Qilian Qingyi so easily like this. Don't worry, very soon, I'll have her look for you in hell."

Qingyan simply couldn't see anything before her. She could only hear that voice, that voice that belonged to Qilian Qingyan. That uniquely tender voice, at this moment, seemed exceptionally ice cold.

Wasn't she Qilian Qingyan? But why couldn't he feel any warmth coming from her.

In the haze, she seemed to see a woman dressed in a bright yellow phoenix gown. She stood in front of Xiuran with a cold and detached expression on her face.

"Qilian Qingyan, I'm begging you, forgive Xiao Yi, alright?" Xiuran looked to Qingyan, struggling to speak. "I will urge her to give up on everything."

Qingyan shook her head, "Xiuran, Qilian Qingyi has already turned into a demon, only


When Qingyan woke up, she discovered that she was in an unknown place. Her gaze followed into the distance, she found that there was a vast expanse of whiteness. She saw a familiar figure walking towards her. Just when she wanted to open her mouth, she found that her own voice had already changed. "You're Qilian Qingyan, right?"

Wearing a white outfit, Qilian Qingyan looked to Qingyan before her eyes with a gentle smile, "Right, I'm Qilian Qingyan."

Qingyan looked to the woman before her and tightly clenched her fist, "Don't worry, I will definitely help avenge you. I will help you finish all your aspirations."

Qilian Qingyan looked at the young girl in front of her and shook her head smiling, "This isn't the result I wanted."

Qingyan didn't understand why Qilian Qingyan would say something like this. Qilian Qingyan seemed to have seen through her thoughts and calmly opened her mouth, "Yan'er, don't live so stressfully, I hope in this life you can be happy."

Qingyan looked to Qilian Qingyan and shook her head, "This isn't what I want. I want revenge. I want to kill Weisheng Junyan and Qilian Qingyi. You'll help me right?"

Qilian Qingyan looked to her and earnestly nodded, "Right. If this is what you want, I will help you complete it, because you are me, and I'm you."

When Qingyan awoken, Qilian Qingyan's words still seem to be echoing by her ear. She could only silently mouth to herself: "Vengeance right now is my one and only motivation to continue living."

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