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   Chapter 143 Xiuran's Death I

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"Thank you, your Highness." Qingyan kowtowed to Qilian Yuran to thank for the great honor.

To be able to become Qilian Yuran's adopted daughter and use this kind of identity to care for her was also acceptable. After all, Qilian Yuran was once her most beloved aunty.

"Since you've already become my adopted daughter, then just directly call me consort-mother." Qilian Yuran said as she still looked to Qingyan with a faint smile.

Qingyan looked into Qilian Yuran's eyes and smilingly spoke, "Consort-mother."

When Hongjia Emperor saw this scene, there was happiness all over his face too, especially under this kind of circumstance. He'd already forgotten how long it's been since he last seen the smile on Qilian Yuran's face.

One year, two year, or even longer?

Today, if she's happy, then just let her be. After all, she'd never walked out from the pain of losing Qilian Qingyan all this time. And now, if this girl can make her happy again, then naturally he would also be happy too.

Qingyan's performance can already be considered as the pinnacle, so it goes without saying that Ning Yuelan's performance afterwards, no one paid any attention to even more so. Not to mention in the end, Ning Yuelan had even attracted a bunch of bees over, stinging her to beyond recognition.

Naturally Jing Marquis loved his granddaughter dearly, but unfortunately under these circumstances, it was already for the best if no one else got hurt.

Xiuran was carefully observing Su Qingyan's performance in the dark the whole time. He was also once fortunate enough to have seen 'Qing Cheng Dance' and [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] before. But now, seeing it again, it was as if he was in a dream. Right now, he could no longer tell if standing before him was Su Qingyan or that gentle and kind Qilian Qingyan.

He still remembered meeting Qilian Qingyan for the first time that year. At that time, she was still just the Crown Princess. Although she carried on her face a tranquil smile, there was no trace of happiness in her.

At that time, he finally understood. What Crown Princess. What Empress. She simply didn't care at all. But then why did that girl care about the Empress seat that much?

Xiuran closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, coldness reflected in his eyes this time. Unexpectedly, there was eve

being taken away, he softly whispered by Murong Jingxuan's ear.

When Murong Jingxuan heard his words, a smile bloomed on his lips. His little Yan'er naturally wasn't a simple person.

She was a woman, who possessed great wisdom and knowledge, that can make the entire world tremble.

After Hongjia Emperor listened to Murong Jingxuan give a report on the matter, he ordered someone to end the Dragon Gate Banquet. He'd never imagined that the mastermind behind the matter was actually Xiuran.

Thus the Dragon Gate Banquet ended in a panicked state amidst an assassination attempt. Qilian Yuran was sent back to her Guan Ju palace by Hongjia Emperor's people, and the other families were all sent out of the palace. Only Su Yun and Luo Bing, as well as the various high officials were left behind.

Qingyan sat in the horse carriage watching the palace gates gradually getting further away. A smile outlined on her lips.

Xiuran, don't worry. Soon, I'll have Qilian Qingyi be reunited with you, let the two of you be a pair of lovebirds in hell.

"Big sister, did the wound on your body split open again?" Hearing Su Qingxue's voice, Qingyan lowered her head to look at the previously bandaged area. Her chest had indeed been dyed with bits of scarlet.

Her hand slowly rested on the wound. It didn't hurt at all here, because right now, she only had a rotting heart left.

For the sake of revenge, for the sake of returning to Nanchen once again, she can pay any price. Even if this price will send her to hell, she will endure it gladly.

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