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   Chapter 142 Birth of a Phoenix

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Qingyan could only quietly stand there and let Qilian Yuran hug her. In fact, she really wanted to tell Qilian Yuran that she was Qilian Qingyan, but she didn't have a way to say these words out. After all, right now she was Su Qingyan and not the former Qilian Qingyan.

Hongjia Emperor looked to the two of them standing below and momentarily didn't know what to say either. As for the crowds startling looks and gazes, he could only chose to ignore.

He didn't know why Qilian Yuran would lose her composure like so after seeing this kind of dance, but he still faintly feel that this matter was possibly related to the former Qilian Qingyan.

After all, she treated Qilian Qingyan just like her own daughter.

After Qilian Yuran sorted out her feelings, she looked Qingyan smiling, "Don't know if you still have any other performances that can widen this consort's eyes."

Qingyan faced Qilian Yuran with a bright smile, "If your Highness doesn't disdain, then this subject-daughter is willing to perform a piece for your Highness."

Recalling hearing that piece [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] last time, she looked to Qingyan and solemnly nodded, "Alright, if you can really draw ten thousand beasts to pay respect to the phoenix, this consort will accept you as a daughter."

Hearing this rare honor, everyone all couldn't help taking in a cold breath. Perhaps no one of the previous dynasty knew, but for the people of the back palace, they all understood Qilian Yuran's moral conduct very well. At the bottom of it, Qilian Yuran wasn't someone easy to get along with.

At that time, so many people wanted to send their children to Qilian Yuran to raise, but was all rejected by Qilian Yuran. And only after Min Consort's death did she eventually take in her two children. But now, the Imperial Noble Consort had actually suggested that she wanted to take Su Qingyan as an adopted daughter.

However that condition, ten thousand beast to pay respect to the phoenix? How could such a bizarre and strange thing happen?

Ultimately, they were still not confident in Su Qingyan, even if Su Qingyan just performed a devastating dance.

"I also once heard rumors from others that Miss Su can attract animals over. I wonder if you're willing to compete with me?" Ning Yuelan looked to Qingyan and confidently spoke.

When Qilian Yuran heard these words, she turned her sight to Ning Yuelan. But Ning Yuelan still maintained a gentle smile

ocked, because they discovered that the birds in the forest all seemed to be following the tune and softly crying out. And this sound following along Qingyan's flute sound, slowly began to resonate. And at the last moment, in this desolate night, a nightingale's cry had unexpectedly sounded.

And these sounds all seem to be pandering to this flute's tune.

Just then, a golden bird appeared, soaring into the sky. Its body burned with blazing red flames, as if lighting up the entire night sky. It endlessly flapped its wings, as if using all its efforts to echo the flute's song.

After it let out a long cry, it gradually disappeared as the flute sound slowly dissipated. It was as if it had only come because of the flute, and left along with the flute sound.

When the song ended and everyone returned to their senses, just then, someone said, "Just now, wasn't that the phoenix that only appears in the ancient texts?"

Qilian Yuran continuously stared at that phoenix, all the way until it disappeared. She remembered she'd also seen this kind of scene once before. That was when she was getting married, Qilian Qingyan played the [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] and drew the phoenix to appear in the sky. Furthermore, it'd escorted her all the way into the borders of Donghe, before suddenly disappearing. And now, she was actually able to witness again this kind of scene once more.

When she thought of Su Qingyan's words, Qilian Yuran curved her lips, "Since the Su family's miss has drawn the phoenix to appear, then today, in front of everyone, this consort will take the Su family's miss as an adopted daughter."

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