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   Chapter 141 A Devastating Dance

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When everyone heard this, they were all unconcerned. Those who didn't attend the Talent Conference all knew that Liushang has always been someone who thinks highly of himself. Moreover, he cherishes his Fengyao Guqin* very much, why would he play an accompaniment for a mere General's daughter.

(*T/N: Similar to a zither but only seven strings.)

Furthermore, this General's daughter was even an idiot.

Liushang thought back to this young girl's performance during the Talent Conference and recalled how she was able to recognize this Fengyao Guqin at a glance that day. Just when they all thought that Hongjia Emperor was going to help Liushang refuse, Liushang stood up first. He looked to Hongjia Emperor and bowed at the waist, "If I can play an accompaniment for this kind of girl, then it's this humble subject's honor."

Qingyan looked to Liushang's appearance and delightfully curved her lips. She just knew that Liushang would definitely not reject her, because Liushang also had his own hidden agenda. And that's for the sake of proving whether or not she was the former Qilian Qingyan. However, this bit wasn't important.

Qilian Yuran knows Liushang's temperament, and she too thought that Liushang would refuse. However she didn't expect that Liushang would actually agree to Su Qingyan's request.

"Alright, since Liushang has agreed, then if you, Su Qingyan, performs poorly when the time comes, this consort will be punishing you."

In places where there's Qilian Yuran, Hongjia Emperor only needs to be in charge of watching the show. But he was also very curious as to how this young girl before him, who once embarrassed herself three years ago, would perform now.

Qingyan still maintained a smile on her face and bowed, "This subject-daughter accepts the decree. Please allow this subject-daughter to change attire."

Hongjia Emperor solemnly nodded at Qingyan. Qingyan had carried with her a custom made dance clothes, a moon white long dress that draped to the floor. And only with this kind of long dress can the charm of the 'Qing Cheng Dance' be delicately brought out.

(*T/N: Qing Cheng literally translates to overturning a state. It's used as a way to describe a beautiful woman thus can be also translated to 'devastating'.)

When Liushang saw this long dress, he couldn't help widening his eyes. But before waiting for him to respond, voice sounded by his ears, "I wonder if gentleman Liushang knows how to play the song [Qing Guo Qing Cheng*]."

(*T/N: Literal translation would be 'capable of causing downfall to a country or state; figuratively it's used as an idiom to describe a woman as 'devastatingly beautiful'.)

Listening to

e flowers don't get well worded English names.)

As soon as Qingyan's words dropped, the teacup in Qilian Yuran's hand once again shattered in response. She emotionally looked to Qingyan and spoke, "What did you say her personal name was?"

Qingyan pretended to be scared and knelt down, replying in fright, "That woman's name was Qilian Qingyan."

Qilian Yuran looked to Qingyan's appearance and continuously repeated many times, "Indeed, indeed."

Hongjia Emperor knew that Qilian Qingyan was the reason why Qilian Yuran was able to lose her composure like such. The various imperial concubines couldn't comprehend, but for the sake of Hongjia Emperor's face, they couldn't say anything.

Unwilling to reconcile, Yi Consort opened her mouth, "Just a dance could make big sister lose her composure like such, this consort really did underestimate this General Su's beloved daughter."

As Hongjia Emperor listened to her words, his chilling gaze directly swept over, and he solemnly said, "Shut your mouth."

Yi Consort looked to Hongjia Emperor's gaze and could only instinctively choose to shut up. Yet she tightly gripped her hand, making her look like she wasn't that bothered.

Qilian Yuran walked up before Qingyan and grasped her hand, "Did that woman say anything else? What else did she teach you?"

Qingyan looked to Qilian Yuran's appearance and still spoke with a calm face, "She once told this subject-daughter in a dream that her greatest wish was for her aunty to be able to be happy."

Qilian Yuran seemingly was really able to see Qilian Qingyan's appearance from Su Qingyan's body. She hugged Su Qingyan at once and softly whispered by her ear, "This consort knows you're not really Yan'er. Just stand like this and let this consort hug you for a while."

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