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   Chapter 140 Dragon Gate Banquet V

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When Qingyan followed this voice and gazed over, she just happened to see a familiar figure. This young girl was precisely the Empress's paternal family, the Xu Family's, eldest legitimate daughter. She also just happens to be the Empress's blood related niece. Her name seems to be--Xu Yarui.

When the Empress saw someone from her paternal family stand out, naturally there was a smile on her face. Although the Empress liked this niece very much, Hongjia Emperor seemingly afraid that the Empress's family would gain too much power, thus didn't agree to the Crown Prince marrying Xu Yarui.

"So it's the Empress's niece." Hongjia Emperor looked to Xu Yarui standing below and clearly spoke, "What are you going to perform? If it's not good, this Emperor will be punishing you."

Xu Yarui looked to Hongjia Emperor grinning, "This subject-daughter is skilled in dancing. Today, I will be performing a 'Fan Dance' for everyone."

Hongjia Emperor knew that this 'Fan Dance' was the Xu family's specialty. That year, when he took a fancy to the Empress, it was precisely because of her temperament. But once he met Qilian Yuran, he found that all the beauties of the world couldn't possibly compare to Qilian Yuran's appearance.

"Alright." Hongjia Emperor looked to the Xu Yarui and replied with a powerful and resounding voice.

Xu Yarui can be considered one of the top beauties in Bogu Hall. But because of Su Qingyuan and Su Qingwen's existence, her beauty was instead suppressed. However, even if she's the Empress's blood related niece, this young girl at most can be considered a bold but not very astute person.

Xu Yarui finished changing her clothes and came out holding a fan. Her dance was very rhythmic, and in addition, attracted the eyes of the majority of the young men present.

And when she casted her sight towards Xuanyuan Yuzhe, she found Xuanyuan Yuzhe staring at her to the point where he didn't even notice his saliva leaking out from the corner of his mouth. Although Su Qingyan was already aware of the fact that Xuanyuan Yuzhe frequented brothels, she didn't know it was already to such an disgusting degree.

After Xu Yarui's performance ended, she received continuous praises, even Hongjia Emperor gave out a satisfied expression. After seeing Xu Yarui's brilliant performance, the other young ladies all eagerly wanted to try one after another.

They all thought in their hearts that even if they only received a verbal praise from the Emperor, it was also considered good. And Hongjia Emperor watched the

s Su Qingyan is not afraid of losing face. Could it be that she's forgotten the embarrassment from the Dragon Gate Banquet three years ago?"

"Right, right, although Su Yun is noble as general, he was able to give birth to this kind of idiot daughter. It really is a worldly miracle." The nearby noble women whispered to one another.

Qingyan simply didn't care about these people's looks, but she was able to keenly detect Su Yun and Luo Bing's gaze that casted over. She knew that Su Yun and Luo Bing wasn't concerned with them becoming the capital's laughing stock. They only had Su Qingyan this one daughter. They were afraid that Su Qingyan's spirit would receive a blow.

"Your Highness, Imperial Noble Consort, this subject-daughter has a presumptuous request." Qingyan looked to Qilian Yuran and softly spoke.

Qilian Yuran looked to her contemplating appearance with her head lowered. She inevitably thought of many years ago, there was also once such a little girl before her, using a soft voice calling her aunty.

When Qilian Yuran thought of this, she lifted her head and looked to Su Qingyan in front of her, "Speak, if it's within this consort's permitted range, I will definitely allow it."

Qingyan faced Qilian Yuran and properly saluted. She turned her gaze towards a white clad man sitting in the crowd, her clear voice sounding, "This subject-daughter has heard the imperial musician plays a good qin. Moreover, it's evaluated as 'such tune only exist in the heavens, rarely is it heard in the mortal realm.' Thus, this subject-daughter hopes the imperial musician, Liushang, can play the qin for this subject-daughter. I wonder whether your Highness will allow it."

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