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   Chapter 139 Dragon Gate Banquet IV

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The so called Dragon Gate Banquet, has the meaning of 'the carp leaping through the dragon's gate'*. It can also be said that this is a welcoming feast specially prepared for Su Yun. The Dragon Gate Banquet would originally be held every year, but because Su Yun hadn't returned to the capital in the last three years, so this year's Dragon Gate Banquet seems to be more grand than past years'.

(*T/N: In Chinese mythology there's a mythical dragon's gate wherein a carp can transform into a dragon by leaping through it.)

This was also one of Su Yun's performances that Hongjia Emperor admired. Su Yun can be said to be the only General in all of Donghe to enjoy such a rare honor. Even the Luo family, who was similarly also one of the country founding General, hasn't enjoy such treatment.

However, for the Luo family, ever since Luo Guancheng retired from the army life, the Luo family's main branch and second branch all chose literary government careers. And only his eldest legitimate daughter, Luo Bing, inherited Luo Guancheng's military power.

That's why Luo Bing was also a well known female general within the capital.

The sky gradually darken, and all the red festive lanterns in the palace were already lit. Minding her own business, Qingyan focused on the chessboard in front of her. From the pieces on the board, it was impossible to tell who was winning and who was losing, but Qingyan still closely stared at the chessboard, unwilling to let any piece slip by.

All the way until a shrewd voice sounded, did Qingyan's train of thought finally get interrupted. Following the eunuch's voice of, "His Majesty has arrive, her Highness the Empress has arrive, the Crown Prince has arrive......" Everyone all rose to kowtow to the Emperor, Empress, and Crown Prince.

After they all took their seats, Hongjia Emperor finally sounded his powerful and resounding voice, "Beloved officials please rise."

The Dragon Gate Banquet wasn't any different from any other banquets. Or rather, for the most part, it wasn't any different from the Talent Conference. It was all considered to be showing off on behalf the imperial family, or in hopes for a Prince to take a fancy to their own daughters.

And while this Dragon Gate Banquet on the surface was a welcoming banquet for Su Yun, those womenfolk were planning to use it as an opportunity to climb up the social ladder.

Qingyan swept a glance at the Empress next to Hongjia Emperor. Indeed she was exactly as Murong Jingxuan described, a gentle and virtuous woman. It should be said that this kind of woman, who neither competes nor fights for favor, was indeed someone worthy of being a mother of a country.

And as for Yi Conso

m often refer to each other as sisters to show closeness.)

Hearing the Empress's words, everyone naturally all agreed in succession. Naturally they all felt this idea was very good, moreover, these sons of theirs have all yet to marry. If they can find a daughter-in-law today in this kind of setting, then naturally it was all good.

"Beloved Officials, who is willing to volunteer to perform first. If the performance is good, then this Emperor will definitely give a reward." Hongjia Emperor looked at the bunch below him and spoke with a smile on his face.

He knew that these sheltered young ladies were already all eager to have a try. When he thought of this, he turned his sight onto Su Qingyan, who was sitting to the side. On her face was an unperturbed calmness, as if everything that was happening all had nothing to do with her.

He thought back to what Su Yun once said and recalled what happened during the Dragon Gate Banquet three years ago. Hongjia Emperor couldn't help frowning. In the end, she was still just a child.

Since she is just a child, then she had the right to be forgiven by everyone. Besides, she even became Ning'er's savior today.

Qingyan felt Hongjia Emperor's gaze on her, but she still remained unmoved in her seat, because she knew what Hongjia Emperor meant with his gaze. But it doesn't matter. Tonight, as long as no one directly points her out, she definitely wasn't going to volunteer herself to perform.

But she was afraid that those who harbor ill intentions wasn't willing to let her have her heart's desire.

Qingyan's gaze quietly swept through the expressions on all the young ladies at the banquet. Just then, she heard a familiar voice sounding. "Your Majesty, this subject-daughter is willing to volunteer for the first performance."

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