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   Chapter 138 Dragon Gate Banquet III

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Luo Bing really didn't do much for Qingyan's upbringing after all. That scene from three years ago continuously replayed in her mind.

Perhaps the thing she regretted the most in this life was leaving Qingyan all by herself in the capital.

This was her daughter, her most beloved daughter. In the past, she'd always felt that Qingyan wasn't intimate enough with them. But now, after getting closer, she felt that this child seemed to have grown a lot overnight.

And just as Su Yun said, they don't know what the price for this change was.

For Qingyan, perhaps this was something insignificant, but to them, it was a kind of blow, a kind of unerasable guilt.

"Do you think this matter today was really done by Yan'er?" Su Yun looked to Luo Bing with a blank expression, "Yan'er, this child, really has grown."

"Husband, today's Dragon Gate Banquet, let's just let nature take its course." Luo Bing said as she grasped Su Yun's hand.

Su Yun, seeing the smile on Luo Bing's face, nodded and smiled in response.

Qingyan naturally observed the interactions of this husband and wife pair. Although she couldn't clearly hear what they were saying, she knew it was nothing more than something related to her.

Qingyan felt that treating Su Yun and Luo Bing as her family wasn't something bad. After all, Su Qingyan was their daughter to begin with.

Furthermore, her own mother had died early. She'd never experienced that kind of motherly love before.

Towards her stepmother, she'd never treated her sincerely before either, but she really did treat Qilian Qingyi as her sister.

The thing she rejoiced the most was that after her mother died, her father never remarried*. This was also the reason why Qilian Qingyi remained a concubine born daughter this whole time.

(*T/N: While men can marry concubines in ancient China it's different from formally marrying a main wife. Usually concubines don't even get a wedding ceremony, and their names usually aren't recorded into the family's genealogy either. Concubines can be promoted to the main wife position though.)

But in the end, she wasn't content with the position of being a concubine born daughter, thus she dragged her down from the Empress position.

But just what kind of agreement did Weisheng Junyan make with Qilian Qingyi?

"Big sister, it's your turn."

Su Qingxue looked to Qingyan and softly spoke.

Qingyan slowly turned her head around to look at Su Qingxue and th


"That's right, this time, Xiuran is probably planning on finding a way out of an impasse, but of course, he won't have the chance to succeed."

Murong Jingxuan still very much liked this friend, Xiuran. But since they've already chosen to stand on opposite sides, then sooner or later they'll become enemies.

"Xiuran won't be able to walk out alive." Xuanyuan Yuzhen replied in seriousness, "He probably wants to make a gamble."

Jingxuan turned to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and nodded, "Apart from this, there shouldn't be a better explanation."

"I've arranged for archers in the surrounding. They shouldn't appear unless it's absolutely necessary to appear. After all, at that time, the place will be chaotic, and there will be innocent casualties."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yuzhen's words, Jingxuan smiled, "If you don't be the Emperor, then it really is a loss for this world."

Hearing Jingxuan's seemingly teasing words, he helplessly shook his head, "You know I have my ambitions elsewhere. But, for the world to end up in the hands of this bunch, I do also feel uneasy."

"Yuzhen, if you like this world, I'll assist you. After all, I'm also like an older half-brother to you."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Jingxuan with his lips perked, "Jingxuan, at the bottom of it, I still like a carefree life. What I yearn for is freedom. I'm unwilling to be bounded to this place."

"Yuzhen, have you ever imagined what the world would be like if the other princes were to get the throne?"

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Jingxuan and sunk into deep thought.

The future really is still an unknown. And this future, to him, was just the beginning.

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