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   Chapter 137 Dragon Gate Banquet II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7396

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Qingyan was still a bit curious as to why Su Qingyu would appear here at this time. However, for him to appear at this time was really for the best. After all, she still really wanted to get away from Xuanyuan Yufan right now. She wasn't willing to have too many interactions with Xuanyuan Yufan.

After all, in the future, she was going to be standing on the opposite side. Moreover, didn't that so called Yi Consort still wanted to test her out.

Truthfully speaking, she also very much wanted to compete with Yi Consort.

"Big brother, how come you're here?" Qingyan greeted Su Qingyu with a smile, "I was just going to look for you."

"This humble subject greets Second Prince." Su Qingyu looked to Xuanyuan Yufan and spoke in an ice cold tone. He then turned around to face Qingyan, his tone instintively softening, "Father and mother saw that you still hadn't headed over and were a bit worried."

"Since that's the case, then I'll take my leave, second brother." Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yufan still maintaining that smile. But in that moment, Xuanyuan Yufan felt that the smile on Qingyan's face was a bit irksome.

At least, it made him feel very uncomfortable.

After receiving Xuanyuan Yufan's acknowledgment, Su Qingyu took Qingyan with him and left.

Qingyan looked to Su Qingyu next to her and smiled, "Big brother, was it really father and mother that let you come find me?"

Su Qingyu looked to Qingyan and scratched his head, feeling embarrassed, "It was his Highness, Shizi, that told me to come find you, not father and mother."

After hearing Su Qingyu's words, the corner of her lips perked up. How did Murong Jingxuan know that she would run into Xuanyuan Yufan at this time? But after thinking about that ability of his, there's probably various kinds of venomous snakes hiding throughout the Imperial Palace too.

And these snakes can all become Murong Jingxuan's most intimate spies. These spies can provide for him the most reliable information.

"Yan'er, why did you suddenly run into the Second Prince just now?" Su Qingyu dislikes the Second Prince very much. Although the fight for the throne was still unclear right now, but for Su Yun, they still chose to stand

eturn in advance."

"Daddy, do you not believe your own daughter?" Qingyan looked to Su Yun with a smiling face, "Yan'er's body is already fine now, daddy don't need to worry."

Su Yun looked to Qingyan and thought of what Hongjia Emperor said. In his heart, he still felt guilty. In the beginning, if he'd kept her at his side the whole time, then perhaps this wouldn't have happened today.

Moreover, everything that happened during the Dragon Gate Banquet three years ago, he still remembered it all vividly. Although she became the laughing stock of all of Diqiu, she is still his daughter. And now, his daughter was becoming increasingly more sensible. Who knows what kind of secret is hidden behind this change.

And the only thing he could do was to properly protect this daughter.

"Husband, let's just believe Yan'er." Luo Bing looked to Su Yun with a comforting expression, "After all, Yan'er has already grown up now."

"She has grown, but Yan'er is still a young girl not of marriageable age yet. I don't know what kind of things Yan'er has encountered in the last three years for her to have become this sensible and clever." Su Yun looked to Qingyan sitting at her seat and couldn't help frowning.

"Husband, don't think too much. Even if she makes us lose face again during today's banquet, she is still our flesh and blood." Luo Bing looked to the smiling Qingyan and reluctantly spoke, "Yan'er has never learn those four arts before after all!"

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