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   Chapter 136 Dragon Gate Banquet I

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Su Qingyan was a bit surprised when she received this news. But not matter what, she still needed to tell this matter to Murong Jingxuan. She looked at the pigeon before her and gently stroked its feathers.

Yi Consort wanting to deal with her should be something that'll happen sooner or later. But for Yi Consort not letting Xuanyuan Yufan act during the Dragon Gate Banquet, probably has to do with Yi Consort thinking that Xian Consort being demoted is closely related to her(Qingyan). But that's right, she was indeed the mastermind behind Xian Consort's matter. After all, that woman once harmed Ning'er's mother.

Even if Qingyan has never met this Consort Min, since this person can get along with Qilian Yuran, she should be someone that Qilian Yuran cherished. Since that's the case, just take it as a good thing for eliminating her.

Qingyan stayed in the Princess's courtyard for a very long time. At this time, Su Qingxue finally felt that this Su Qingyan before her didn't seem to be her fourth sister, but a malevolent spirit from hell. And this malevolent spirit was invincible and unrivaled.

It was like just as she said, with just one word from her, everyone can all be sent to hell, without the possibility of redemption.

"Xue'er, what are you thinking about?" Qingyan looked to Qingxue's appearance and smiled, "Could it be you're pondering over my matters?"

When Su Qingxue heard this voice, she shifted her gaze towards Su Qingyan. Seeing the young girl before her, she couldn't help shrinking back a bit, "Big sister, I'm not thinking about anything."

Qingyan crouched down to look at Su Qingxue, still with a smile on her face, "It doesn't matter. Xue'er is my little sister, so I won't harm Xue'er." She said as she softly rubbed Qingxue's head.

Qingyan was considered someone with a bottom line. At the very least, she definitely won't harm the closest people to her. Especially since she also once promised Deng Yan she would take good care of these two siblings.

"Yan'er, it's not early anymore, we should be heading over there soon." Xuanyuan Yuning walked over to Qingyan with a smile, "I'm quite looking forward to Yan'er's performance tonight."

Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuning, but before she could open her mouth, Mu Zhimin's voice sounded, "Just l

nd brother." Xuanyuan Yufan looked to Qingyan's appearance, wanting to find some clues from her.

But unfortunately, because Qingyan maintained herself too well, he simply couldn't find any related information from her body. It was as if all the information he received previously were all false.

Qingyan listened to Xuanyuan Yufan's words and couldn't help coldly snorting inside, but on the surface she still maintained a smile, "Second brother."

Hearing Qingyan correct her words, Xuanyuan Yufan's mood somewhat improved greatly. Yet, he couldn't help getting curious about what had happened previously. "Just now, I heard Junzhu was injured from protecting seventh sister. I was wondering whether your body has improved or not."

Qingyan simply wasn't in the mood to speak with Xuanyuan Yufan, but unfortunately Xuanyuan Yufan simply didn't intend to let her go. "Thank you for the troubles of worrying about me second brother. Qingyan is already fine."

"That's good. I have really good injury medicine at my place. When the time comes, I'll find the opportunity to send them to your manor for you." Xuanyuan Yufan looked to Qingyan and smiled. He still thinks that Su Qingyan isn't as impressive as Yi Consort imagined. At the bottom of it, she's still just a mere woman.

"Then, many thanks second brother." Qingyan looked to him, still maintaining her smile. But on the inside, she already felt vexed. Just then, another voice came through.

"Little sister, so you were here, you've really made me look for you."

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