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   Chapter 135 Xuanyuan Yufan

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Jing Marquis looked to Xiuran's solemn appearance and could only accept the will from his hand. To say it's a will wasn't the least bit excessive. He knew that this time, Xiuran won't be able to come back. Furthermore, that incident that time in the Forest of Buried Souls still left him with lingering fears.

He once sent people to investigate those death soldier's corpses, but the death soldier's corpses were already all torn to pieces. And those people's deaths, from the looks of it, simply didn't appear to be man-caused. It appeared more like a type of cruel warning, warning that anyone who enters the Forest of Buried Souls will all suffer a terrible death.

His eldest legitimate son said it could be the works of spirits. But in this vast world, how could there really be supernatural existences? Moreover, something this bizarre just happen to have occured on the same day Su Yun was returning to the capital.

The people they dispatched that day were more or less all elites, but they all died in the forest without reason or cause, and no one knows how they died. Furthermore, no one knows just who this was done by either.

At that time, he finally realized that perhaps Su Qingyan isn't as simple as they'd previously imagined. It was just as Ning Siyao said, ever since Su Qingyan woken from almost drowning, she seemed to have become another person. And this Su Qingyan was a malevolent spirit from hell.

She can effortlessly send people to hell using the most ruthless and most cruel methods.

Su Qingyuan's matter, Ning Siyao's matter, and Xiuran's matter, don't they all prove this point?

"Father, after I die, there will still be other's to take care of you, just treat it as you've never had this son." Xiuran looked to Jing Marquis with a calm expression, "As for not being able to help elder sister get rid of Su Qingyan, today's farewell will settle it."

"Xiuran, Su Qingyan's matter perhaps isn't like how we see it on the surface." Jing Marquis grabbed Xiuran's hand, "Xiuran, believe me, that Su fourth miss really isn't as simple as you think."

Xiuran looked to Jing Marquis and reluctantly shook his head, "Actually, she has already suspected me. Towards this bit, I'm not the least bit surprised." He forced a bitter smile on his lips, "She's more impressive than I'd imagined. But I don't believe that this kind of girl can cover the skies with one hand. And today will be her death annive


Yi Consort looked Xuanyuan Yufan and nodded. "Exactly so. According to what you said earlier, Su Qingyan originally was an idiot, but after nearly drowning, she became the ways she is now. Then this consort can only say that Su Qingyan is definitely a scheming type of woman. And this type of woman you can't look down upon. Once you encounter this kind of woman, you'll inevitably fall into an abyss."

Xuanyuan Yufan understood very well Yi Consort's personality. She's usually very accurate at gauging people. She was able to give out this kind of evaluation before even meeting Su Qingyan. Seems that Su Qingyan simply isn't some good person either. At least from one perspective, she's certainly not inferior to men when it comes to ruthlessness. Else, how would Su Qingyuan have ended up like that.

Also that matter with Sun Bimeng. All along, he felt Su Qingyan must be the mastermind behind the incident with Sun Bimeng. But Su Qingming kept repeatedly emphasizing that Su Qingyan simply wouldn't have known he would go there that day.

"Then today's matter, do we still need to continue advancing?" Xuanyuan Yufan pondered for a long while before speaking. If something really occurred, then he was afraid it might involve his consort-mother. And wasn't the current Cainu Feng the best example of such?

"Temporarily cancel it." Yi Consort looked to Xuanyuan Yufan and plainly spoke. "Wait until after this consort personally test out this little girl first, then decide."


Unfortunately, at that moment, they didn't notice a fully snow white pigeon fly away from the windowsill.

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