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   Chapter 134 Withholding Information

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Xuanyuan Yukai expressionlessly watched Xian Consort get dragged away. Not only him, even the people next to him all had a blank expression.

If Hongjia Emperor really had to choose, Luo Guancheng and Su Yun were more important. Not to mention Xian Consort's moral conduct was also put there.

"Beloved official Su, how's your beloved daughter's situation?" Hongjia Emperor looked to Su Yun and calmly spoke, as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him.

The most heartless is the Imperial family.

"I've troubled your Majesty for worrying. Yan'er's situation is already stable." Su Yun looked to Hongjia Emperor and replied with a serious face.

"Yuzhen, inform the servants, tonight's Dragon Gate Banquet will progress as usual. We can't delay official Su's celebration because of this matter." Hongjia Emperor said as he casted his gaze at Xuanyuan Yuzhen.

"This son understands." Xuanyuan Yuzhen turned and left first. Afterwards, Xuanyuan Yukai and the others also followed suit and left.

Hongjia Emperor watched their backs in the distance and turned again to Su Yun, "Beloved official Su, this Emperor is sorry towards you about this matter."

"Your Majesty, no need to say more. These are all things this humble subject should do." Su Yun looked to Hongjia Emperor with a calm look. "Since she's my daughter, then naturally she needs to protect the Princess too."

"Ning'er, go back and take good care of Yan'er." Hongjia Emperor looked to Xuanyuan Yuning and instructed with a serious look. "Absolutely don't let any mishap happen."

Xuanyuan Yuning turned to Hongjia Emperor and spoke with a smile, "Imperial father don't worry, Yan'er and I are close like sisters, naturally I'll take good care of her." She said as she lead them into the sleeping chamber. And when they walked into the inner room, they saw Murong Jingxuan applying medicine for Qingyan.

"Big brother Jingxuan, let me apply the medicine for Yan'er." Xuanyuan Yuning said as she tried to take the towel from Murong Jingxuan's hand. But just then, she saw something appear from behind Qingyan. A black and gold color phoenix rose from the dense water vapor, spreading its wings and flying high. That appearance startled Yuning, and made her retreat a step.

Qingyan saw Xuanyuan Yuning's appearance and just knew she saw that black and gold phoenix on her back. "Ning'er, c

them to let them withdraw.

He looked to the approaching Jing Marquis expressionlessly, "Why did you come? Are you afraid I might incriminate you?"

"Xiuran, you're also my son, how can I not worry for you?" Jing Marquis looked to Xiuran with a helpless expression, "Why are you so eager to sever all relations?"

"I'm not your son. Your son already died." Xiuran looked to him, still with an empty expression, "No matter what, even if I die, I won't trouble you all."

"Xiuran!" Jing Marquis looked to him, his voice suddenly softened, "Can't you take it as listening to this father's begging plead. If you die, do you want me to bear this guilt for the rest of my life?"

"I already said, your son Ning Xiuran already died. When you abandoned him, he already died." Xiuran looked to him still expressionlessly. "Don't worry, I won't let you get incriminated. Even if I die, I'm Nanchen's An Marquis's son!"

"Xiuran, you doing this, have you ever considered your mother's feelings? That year, we had no choice but to abandon you." Jing Marquis just wants Xiuran to give up right now. He didn't want to see Xiuran die under that kind of circumstances.

Xiuran looked to Jing Marquis's grieving face and kneeled at once. "Father, if you really want to help me, then just let go and let me do it. Treat it as my last wish before I die." He took out a will and handed it to Jing Marquis. "If I really unfortunately die during the Dragon Gate Banquet, please remember to have someone deliver this secret letter into Xiao Yi's hands." With that said, he heavy kowtowed to Jing Marquis.

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