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   Chapter 133 Xian Consort is not Virtuous II

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Everyone all has a bottom line they can tolerate, even Hongjia Emperor isn't an exception. He suddenly recalled something Qilian Yuran said many years ago.

"Ah Hong*, there will be a day when Feng Qin might try to kill Ning'er. I hope that when that time comes, you can help me eliminate her without hesitation."

(*T/N: The Emperor's name is Xuanyuan Hong, this is an endearing way to call him.)

Hongjia Emperor thought of how he'll be able to see Qilian Yuran, who he hasn't seen in five years, again tonight, his fist immediately tightened. Perhaps he shouldn't have married in that kind of woman that year.

That year, if it wasn't for his action, then now, Consort Min should still be alive in this world. And it wouldn't have caused Yukai and Yuning to lose their consort-mother in the end.

Meanwhile, Xian Consort was still resting in Yichun palace. Although she was a bit worried about her shadow guard not returning yet, she still believed he wasn't someone that would act reckless. After all, as her personal bodyguard, he's always treated her like a goddess.

"Your Highness, trouble! Commander Lin Yan has charged in with the Imperial Lin soldiers." A servant girl frantically came and reported to Xian Consort.

Xian Consort didn't seem to be concerned and just plainly spoke, "What has the Imperial Lin army come for?"

"This subordinate, Lin Yan, greets your Highness Xian Consort. This subordinate has received orders to bring your Highness to the Seventh Princess's palace." Lin Yan replied to Xian Consort, neither servile nor overbearing.

The Imperial Lin army belonged only to Hongjia Emperor. At the bottom of it, they only act on Hongjia Emperor's orders.

"Lin Yan, you're just merely a commander, you actually dare to threaten this consort?" Xian Consort sat up and looked to Lin Yan, speaking in a deep tone, "Aren't you afraid I'll report this to his Majesty!?"

Lin Yan coldly humphed. "Your Highness, if you want to tell his Majesty, you can go right now." He glanced to the two people behind him. Those two directly walked up before Xian Consort and detained her. "Your Highness, excuse us. Take her away."

When has Xian Consort ever received this kind of treatment before. When she looked to Lin Yan, she shoved aside the guards next to her. "Lin Yan, wait until I met his Majesty. I will definitely have him sentence you to death."

Lin Yan just coldly swept a glance at Xian Consort. Then he walked past her, minding his own business.


e account that you were once husband and wife with this Emperor, from today onwards, Xian Consort will be demoted to Cainu* and sent to the cold palace."

(*T/N: A very low ranking imperial concubine rank.)

When Xian Consort heard this, she went limp at once. She had plotted for a lifetime, sat on the consort's position for ten years, and now because of this matter, she was demoted to Cainu.

She suddenly recalled Su Qingyan that Xuanyuan Yuxiu mentioned previously. "Your Majesty, it must be that wench Su Qingyan's doing. This consort really didn't ever harm the Seventh Princess."

"Thanks to your Highness Xian Consort's blessing, the Miss Su you speak of is still lying in the sleeping chamber right now resting." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Xian Consort and spoke also with a cold tone and manner. "If it wasn't for that assassin, how could Yan'er have gotten hurt!"

Xian Consort simply couldn't figure out what had happened. She'd only let the guard go investigate Su Qingyan's matter. How did she end up getting implicated in the end, moreover, directly demoted to Cainu.

All in all, just what really happened? Why didn't it progress according to how she'd imagined?

"Drag her away." Hongjia Emperor still looked to Xian Consort in a cold manner, "This Emperor never wants to see this woman again." Hongjia Emperor said as he waved his hand at the Imperial Lin soldiers, signaling them to take her away.

A smile bloomed on Xuanyuan Yukai's lips as he watched Xian Consort, who got demoted to Cainu.

'Consort-mother, look, your son has avenged you. Your son has avenged you!'

When he thought of this, he tightly clenched his fist.

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