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   Chapter 132 Xian Consort is not Virtuous I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7876

Updated: 2018-10-14 00:03

(T/N: 'Xian' in Xian Consort's title means virtuous.)

Xuanyuan Yukai's expression soften when he looked to Qingyan. In his heart, he was very clear about Xuanyuan Yuzhen's ambitions. He also had his own ideas, and although he didn't have any thoughts towards competing for the throne, he still needed the power to protect the people around him.

Especially, his most precious younger sister.

That year when consort-mother died, although he didn't know the details, he could faintly tell that there wasn't a lack of Xian Consort, Feng Qin's handiwork. Because he once saw Qilian Yuran warning Feng Qin.

But since they're unwilling to say, then he would rather pretend to not know. It was better for them this way.

"Miss Su, if you can help me deal with Xian Consort, then naturally it's for the best." Xuanyuan Yukai looked to Qingyan with a gentle smile on his face. But his curled fist betrayed the surging waves in his heart at the moment.

"Yan'er, how do you plan on dealing with Xian Consort?" Murong Jingxuan saw her profound expression and asked with a smile.

"How about dragging her down from her Xian Consort position and throwing her into the cold palace? It'll be considered fulfilling one of Sixth Prince's wishes." Qingyan said as she casted her gaze at Xuanyuan Yukai.

It's not that Xuanyuan Yukai didn't think of trying to drag her down from her consort position. This consort position once belonged to his mother, and that woman actually dared to occupy it this whole time.

"You really can drag her down from the Xian Consort position?" Xuanyuan Yukai looked to Qingyan in disbelief. He didn't really believe that Su Qingyan would actually have this kind of ability.

"As long as you want to, there isn't anything I, Su Qingyan, can't accomplish." Qingyan stood in the wind as she faced them, a confident smile appeared on her lips.

"Alright, I believe you." Xuanyuan Yukai looked to Su Qingyan's solemn appearance and unexpectedly agreed to her words. Moreover, it looks like Xuanyuan Yuzhen and Murong Jingxuan also trust her very much.

Xian Consort, take a guess, do you think my daddy is more important in Hongjia Emperor's heart or are you more important?

A willow leaf blade appeared in Qingyan's hands. And before anyone could react, she stabbed the blade into her chest. Murong Jingxuan held her at once

Yuning at his side and softly asked, "Ning'er, what happened before this?"

"Princess, you absolutely can't say. If you say it, wouldn't the Ninth Princess be misunderstood." Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuning, promptly stopping her.

"No, I want to say it." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Qingyan with a face full of grievance. Afterwards, she lifted her head to look to Hongjia Emperor, lifting up her sleeve. The mark left by the whip was still on her sleeve. "Earlier, Ninth little sister came and bullied me. It was also Yan'er who saved me. Ninth sister even said she won't let us of easily. Who knew that right after, that shadow guard appeared."

Hongjia Emperor saw Xuanyuan Yuning's crying appearance, and for some reason, thought of the former Consort Min. At that time, Consort Min only got along with the Noble Consort. The two of them would always help each other. At that time, he loved hearing them perform together the most. One would dance and the other would play the qin. That was the most beautiful memory of this life.

But in the end, Consort Min left him just like that. When he thought of this, Hongjia Emperor patted Yuning's head, "Don't worry, imperial father will definitely seek justice for you."

"Imperial father, you also have to help Yan'er too! At the very least, Yan'er is also a Junzhu personally bestowed by you. She can also be considered a half daughter to our imperial family." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Hongjia Emperor with a face full of grievance. "How could something as cruel as harming your own kin have happened today."

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