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   Chapter 131 Xuanyuan Yuxiu

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Xuanyuan Yuxiu had never suffered this kind of grievance before. Holding her whip in hand, she ran the whole way towards Xian Consort's Yichun Palace. Xuanyuan Yuxiu's endless weeping made those who saw her rather annoyed, especially those palace maids that didn't like her.

They were certain that Xuanyuan Yuxiu must have offended someone, that's why she looked so battered.

And they certainly have never seen the Ninth Princess so battered before either.

Although the Ninth Princess didn't receive Hongjia Emperor's favor because of her temper, she was still a treasure in Xian Consort's palm. They'd once seen palace maids being caught and tormented to death by Xian Consort because they'd said bad things about Xuanyuan Yuxiu.

Xian Consort is the most ruthless one amongst the consorts. Although no one knows how she got the consort position, towards those things of the past, they've also heard some things. It's just no one would dare to bring it up front.

Xian Consort was just napping in her sleeping chamber when she heard someone report that Xuanyuan Yuxiu has come running over crying. She only has this one daughter in this lifetime; for this daughter, she was even willing to kill and start a fire.

In the beginning, it was precisely because Xuanyuan Yuning and Xuanyuan Yukai bullied Xuanyuan Yuxiu that she thought of a way to kill their consort-mother. And thus, she was able to successfully take the consort position.

"Consort-mother, you have to help me!" Xuanyuan Yuxiu, in her battered appearance, lunged towards Xian Consort.

Xian Consort, seeing her like this, spoke in heartache, "Xiu'er, how did you become like this?"

Xuanyuan Yuxiu looked to Xian Consort and told her everything that happened through tears. Xian Consort didn't really believe Xuanyuan Yuxiu's words too much. Although Xuanyuan Yuxiu's martial art skills isn't all that much, her ability with using the whip was something. If there's someone that could seize the whip at once, then that person's inner energy must be profound.

But Su Yun's daughter, Su Qingyan simply couldn't have reach that level. She was just someone who was the laughing stock of the inner palace's teatime.

"Xiu'er, are you certain it was Su Qingyan's doing?" Xian Consort looked to Xuanyuan Yuxiu and as

and Xuanyuan Yuzhen immediately recognized this person. He was precisely Xian Consort, Feng Qin's shadow guard.

"You know who he is?" Qingyan looked to the two of them, who had their brows tightly creased, and asked with a laugh, "As I've expected."

"You also know who he is?" The two of them looked to Qingyan, with a look of doubt on their face.

"What do you think?" Qingyan lifted her head up, "I just bullied Xuanyuan Yuxiu, and this appeared. What does this prove? Very simple, this shadow guard is Xian Consort's person." She said as she kicked the man lying on the ground once. "However, why don't we utilize the things that have come to us." Qingyan looked to them with her eyebrows raised.

"Just what does Xian Consort want?" Xuanyuan Yukai's discontent voice sounded, "To think she wanted to kill Ning'er. Fourth brother, this time I definitely won't let that woman off easily."

Qingyan rarely saw the usually childish Xuanyuan Yukai get angry. She didn't expect that a shadow guard could actually bring out a person's natural instincts like this. Seems like this Xuanyuan Yukai isn't as she'd imagined to be.

However, that should be the case. Of those who live in the Imperial Palace, which one is a simple existent?

"Sixth Prince, this time, it's because of me that this happened to Ning'er. How about I give a gift to Sixth Prince as an apology?" Qingyan looked to the man in black on the ground and smilingly curved her lips.

Xian Consort ah, you really shouldn't have touched my bottom line.

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