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   Chapter 130 To Commit a Sin III

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Xuanyuan Yuzhen finally understood now why Murong Jingxuan would fall in love with this girl at that time. You can't help but say that this girl can be even more meticulous than them sometimes. Moreover, she seems to understand how to control the overall situation.

Even if this situation is more harm than good to her, she can still guarantee that the general situation is within her control in the end.

This perhaps is the reason why Qingyan can successfully turn any peril into safety.

"Why do we need to send people to protect great-aunt?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen asked with a perplexed face. There shouldn't be anyone that will attack her, so he only sent people to protect Hongjia Emperor and Imperial Noble Consort.

"Fourth Prince, you probably think that no one will attack Elder Princess, so you didn't send anyone to protect her, right?" Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and casually spoke.

Seeing Qingyan's gaze directed at him, Xuanyuan Yuzhen felt a bit guilty. Sometimes, he felt that Qingyan isn't just a young girl who has yet to reach 15. She seems to carry a very dignified aura on her, like someone of a high status. Furthermore, she seems to also carry a killing resolution and courage that only someone with a high status would have.

If it were to be said that this is because she's a descendant of a martial lineage that she has this kind of feeling, he wouldn't believe it in the least.


"If Xiuran were to sneak attack the Emperor alone himself, then he should only target the Emperor. But if Xiuran were to bring in the death soldiers, then the death soldiers who are usually loyal to their master, would definitely openly kill anyone when the time comes. Even if the end result is death, they would still relentlessly try to kill everyone." Qingyan still spoke in a nonchalant tone, "That's why you must send someone to protect the Elder Princess."

Chunyuan Elder Princess was also her empress-mother (in-law).

"Don't worry, hearing you say this now, I naturally will dispatch people to protect great-aunt." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qingyan, and seeing that she wasn't continuing, he spoke, "Do you still need to rest here for a while?"

Qingyan shook her head at them, "I want to go out and walk for a bit. I can't just lay here the whole time."

Murong Jingxuan saw that her complexion was slowly beginning to become rosy, and thus felt relieved. Qingyan's body he was more than clear about, she simply wasn't suited to do those things, yet she just has to do everything herself.

zed the other end of the whip.

Xuanyuan Yuxiu completely didn't expect that Qingyan could actually easily avoid the whip. Angry and flustered, she called out, "Su Qingyan, you whore, let go."

"Xue'er, Cong'er, and Xin'er, close your eyes." Qingyan looked to the three people behind her and calmly spoke.

Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning glanced to Qingyan in confusion, and the three behind her all obediently closed their eyes. Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning only saw Qingyan slightly exerting force from her palm and pulled Xuanyuan Yuxiu over at once, she even took the opportunity to grab her by the throat.

"Su Qingyan, how dare you!?" Before Xuanyuan Yuxiu could react, Su Qingyan had already seized her by the throat. Moreover, it seems that with just a little bit of strength, she can swiftly be killed.

"I just want Ninth Princess to know, I, Su Qingyan, isn't someone that's easily bullied." Qingyan coldly spoke to Xuanyuan Yuxiu, "How about it, want to see what death taste like?"

"Su Qingyan, if you kill me, you can't get away either. Imperial father won't let you off." Xuanyuan Yuxiu weakly spoke.

Su Qingyan took out a delicate needle and directly inserted into Xuanyuan Yuxiu. Afterwards, she released her hand.

Seeing Xuanyuan Yuxiu wanting to use her inner qi, the corner of Qingyan's lips perked up, "Princess, it's best if you don't use your inner qi. Else, you won't even know how you died."

"Su Qingyan, I won't let you get away with this!" Xuanyuan Yuxiu picked up her whip from the ground and angry left.

Yet, she heard Qingyan's voice echoing from behind, "It doesn't matter, If it's going to hell, I'll drag you with me too, Ninth Princess."

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