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   Chapter 129 To Commit a Sin II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7561

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"Murong Jingxuan, just what is going on here?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen walked up before him in a few steps, staring at him with a stern expression.

"Fourth Prince, it's better if I explain it to you." Qingyan propped herself up with great difficulty, "After all, Shizi doesn't know very well either."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen saw Qingyan's appearance; his heart contained a never before sadness. It was as if he could only watch the two of them behave in such familiar manners.

In the end, he seemingly noticed that this young girl before him seemed to have began to change in his heart. But even so, what of it? After all, now, they were already impossible.

"Miss Su, from now on, you can just directly call me by my name." Xuanyuan Yuzhen said without even thinking, "Jingxuan and I are already this close as friends."

"Alright." Qingyan leaned on the pillow behind her, carrying a smile, "The poison in my body was created over many years. Especially, since I even fell into the water before."

"Then why would there be a ghost ringed scorpion in your body?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen poured a cup of tea and handed it to her as he asked this.

Taking the cup from him, Qingyan slightly smiled, "Because I can only temporarily rely on this ghost ringed scorpion to get rid of the toxins in my body."

"But earlier Chonglou said the poison in your body is getting increasingly worse." Xuanyuan Yuzhen thought of what Chonglou said just now and couldn't help frowning, "What did this mean?"

Qingyan glanced at Murong Jingxuan and could only confess about what Xuanyuan Yufan was planning to do to her. After all, this matter, Xuanyuan Yuzhen didn't know about, and looking at it now, they couldn't continue hiding it.

"You'er saying, second brother wants to deal with you?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qingyan, his brows furrowed tightly.

Previously, Xuanyuan Yufan certainly did once asked to marry Su Qingyan in the imperial court, but he was already rejected by Hongjia Emperor. Could it be, now he plans to....

As he thought of this, his expression become more ugly.

"What you're thinking is correct." Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and smirked, "He thinks that as long as I become his person, I will naturally be willing to agree to this marriage. Afte

his head, "Even if we don't do this, in front of eldest brother, I still have a lot of weight. After all, standing at his side is only sixth brother and I."

"It's precisely because of such that you need to further grab the Crown Prince's heart more firmly. Moreover, the Crown Prince's's only a matter of time." Qingyan calmly spoke, "However, these things aren't important for now. How did you arrange tonight's matter?"

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to them and told them all the details of tonight's plan. Lastly, he only plainly added, "But this matter, I didn't tell imperial father."

Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and earnestly nodded, "This matter it's best to make it air-tight. After all, if it becomes public when the time comes, it would also cause a disturbance." Qingyan said as she stroked her chin, "Although it's all prepared, we still don't know when Xiuran will make a move, so we must hide in the dark."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen discovered that Qingyan is a woman that takes the big picture into consideration. If a woman like this could accompany by his side, how great would that be. Thinking to this point, he looked to Qingyan and nodded, "This bit, I still understand. I've already instructed my people to properly protect imperial father and consort-mother."

"That's right." Qingyan looked up towards Murong Jingxuan. "Find someone reliable to protect Chunyuan Elder Princess. Also prepare archers. Just worried that when the time comes it won't be just Xiuran coming."

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