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   Chapter 128 To Commit a Sin I

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Right now, Qingyan's situation isn't particularly good, but she needs to find an excuse to spit out the ghost ringed scorpion in her stomach. That way, she can finally have the chance to control Su Qingyuan, and let Ning Siyao know that she, Su Qingyan, is never one that is easily bullied.

Especially that matter regarding Luo Bing and Su Yun.

They helped Qingyan walk to the pavilion and sat her down. Mu Zhimin looked to Qingyan's appearance and took out a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat on her forehead. "Yan'er, your complexion seems to be getting paler, are you really okay?"

Qingyan looked to Mu Zhimin and shook her head, "I'm fine, just need to rest for a bit."

But who knew they would run into the approaching Murong Jingxuan and Xuanyuan Yuzhen at the pavilion. Luckily, the one by Murong Jingxuan's side today was Chonglou.

After Qingyan greeted them, her complexion got worse.

"Master, Miss Qingyan's body seems unable to endure."

Listening to Chonglou's words, Murong Jingxuan turned his gaze towards Su Qingyan. In two-three steps he appeared before Su Qingyan and spoke, his tone full of concern, "Yan'er, how are you?"

Qingyan's eyes were dim, and she simply couldn't see clearly who it was in front of her. She could only hear that familiar voice. In the end, she collapsed into Murong Jingxuan's arms.

"Jingxuan, what's going on?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen tightly creased his brows when he saw the fainted Qingyan.

"I'll explain this matter to you in a moment. Where do we need to go now?" Murong Jingxuan picked up Qingyan. He too had his brows tightly locked in a frown.

When Xuanyuan Yuning saw this scene, she said, "Let's just go to my resting chamber, there's no one there anyways."

"Alright." Murong Jingxuan followed Xuanyuan Yuning's steps towards her resting chamber.

"Big sister Min, what's wrong with my big sister?" Su Qingxue had never seen Su Qingyan in that kind of condition before.

That kind of Su Qingyan to her seemed like a weak and feeble person, and Su Qingyan was never that kind of person.

"Put me down Murong Jingxuan." Qingyan slightly opened her eyes and saw Murong Jingxuan, weakly saying, "I'm the most familiar with my own body."

"Yan'er, this isn't a joke." Murong Jingxuan looked to the young girl in his arms and frowned. In an unyielding tone, he

sh blood. That blood seems to even have clumps of something in it, but very quickly that clump disappeared.

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to the thing on the ground. Even if it was for just a moment, he still clearly saw that the thing earlier was the ghost ringed scorpion. It's said that this kind of scorpion's venom is very strong, and can also be raised inside a person's body, even having the ability to control the human heart. But why was this ghost ringed scorpion raised in Su Qingyan's body?"

"Miss Su, may I dare ask if that thing earlier was the ghost ringed scorpion?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qingyan lying on the bed and somberly asked, her complexion slowly recovering.

"Correct." Qingyan took the towel Murong Jingxuan handed over and wiped the corner of her mouth, "I'm already fine for now."

Just when Xuanyuan Yuzhen wanted to continue asking, Murong Jingxuan spoke first, "Yuzhen, this matter, I'll explain it to you in a bit. Right now, just let Yan'er rest for a while." He glanced to those people behind him, "If someone asks, just say you were in the Princess's resting chamber."

Everyone looked to Murong Jingxuan's cold expression and couldn't help nodding.

However, seeing this kind of a nervous Murong Jingxuan was still a first for Mu Zhimin. Rather it should be said, he was more concerned compared to last time.

Xuanyuan Yuning and Mu Zhimin pulled along Su Qingxue and Qingcong with them outside. As for Luo Yixin, she also followed after them.

Some things they choose to not let them know, they won't know.

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