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   Chapter 127 A Prince's Conspiracy

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After hearing this news, Hongjia Emperor went ahead and left with Su Yun. Lastly, he even instructed Xuanyuan Yukai and Xuanyuan Yuning to properly look after Su Qingyan and the others in the Imperial Gardens.

"Speaking of which, why did consort-mother agree to come out to the Dragon Gate Banquet?" Xuanyuan Yuning walked up to Xuanyuan Yukai and said with a smile, "I remember, doesn't consort-mother hate attending this kind of banquet the most?"

"I don't know what fourth brother said to consort-mother, but there's nothing better than having consort-mother agreeing to attend the Dragon Gate Banquet. After all, imperial father hasn't seen consort-mother in a really long time."

"Even so, can you guarantee that those consorts and concubines won't come up with any troubles?" Xuanyuan Yuning looked to him and helplessly shrugged, "With the harem, only her Highness, the Empress and consort-mother doesn't compete for favor. Look and see which consort right now hasn't fought to the point of busting their head and letting the blood run. It's a pity, imperial father doesn't keep a single one to heart."

Qingyan stood to the side and listened to their conversation, yet she also kept what they said earlier in mind. The Imperial Noble Consort, Qilian Yuran, agreeing to attend the banquet, could most likely be because of her.

But why did Qilian Yuran wanted to meet her? Could it be that she knew her identity? But this was something impossible.

Could it be because of the [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] last time?

"Qingyan, what are you thinking about?"

Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning called out to Qingyan many times without receiving a response from her. Afterwards, all the way until Luo Yixin waved her hand before her, did she finally come back from her mental journey.

"What's the matter?" Qingyan looked to them and helplessly smiled, "I was just thinking of some things just now."

"Right now, the time is still very early, how about I give you all a twirl around the Imperial Palace?" Xuanyuan Yuning looked to them with an earnest look, "I'll have you know, inside this Imperial Palace, there's lots of fun places."

"Alright! There's nothing to do anyways. It's best to be able to get familiar with the Imperial Palace." Qingy

his whole time after entering into the palace, there must be someone secretly helping her, could it be him?

"Qingyan, let me tell you, Xian Consort is a ruthless and heartless imperial consort. I heard from consort-mother, of the four consorts*, she got her position through various methods." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Qingyan and whispered, "However, this Xian Consort certainly is an unlikable consort."

(*T/N: Referring to the four same ranked Xian, Yi, Shu, and De Consort.)

"I even heard, she really has a way to torment people. No wonder the daughter (referring to Yuxiu) she gave birth to is also like that." Mu Zhimin expressed her disdain.

"It's fine, as long as she doesn't harm you all." Qingyan look to them and plainly spoke, "If someone harms you, then that person's ending will definitely be considered miserable."

"But if something happens to us, consort-mother would still help us." Xuanyuan Yuning said while smiling, "Yan'er, you complexion looks very pale, how about we go rest for awhile." Xuanyuan Yuning said as she saw a pavilion up ahead. "Yan'er, let's go up and sit for a while."

Qingyan looked to them and nodded, "Alright, then let's go rest for a bit."

"Yan'er, I heard big brother Jingxuan say you're poisoned, is your body still not well?" Xuanyuan Yuning and Mu Zhimin helped support Qingyan as they walked towards the pavilion.

Qingyan looked to their movements and shook her head, "Poison brought out from my mother's womb, how can it be easily cured."

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