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   Chapter 126 Hongjia Emperor

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When Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning saw Luo Yixin, they replied with a smile, "No need to bow. Since you're Qingyan's friend, between us, no need to be so formal."

"Big sister, you came. The Princess and Junzhu were very good to us." When Su Qingcong saw Su Qingyan, he ran over and jumped into her arms. "Moreover, the Princess even gave me my favorite pastry to eat."

Qingyan crouched down and took out a handkerchief to wipe the oil stains from the corner of his mouth, "It's good that you like them. When the time comes, you also need to properly follow by their side, okay?"

Su Qingcong earnestly nodded at her, then afterwards, continued to play on the side.

Mu Zhimin walked up next to Qingyan with a smile, "Qingyan, I noticed that recently, fourth brother has been pretty busy. Do you know why?"

Hearing Mu Zhimin's words, Qingyan thought for a moment, probably busy because of the matter with Xiuran. After all, the Dragon Gate Banquet tonight is destined to be a restless night. As for whether or not Xiuran's plans will succeed, that will most likely be up to the heavens.

Qingyan looked to Mu Zhimin and shook her head, "I'm not very clear either. But princess should know."

"Qingyan, you don't need to call me princess, just directly call me Ning'er." Xuanyuan Yuning look to Qingyan smiling, "Not just fourth brother is busy, even sixth brother is so busy sometimes that you can't even see his shadow. Lately, big brother Jingxuan also comes to the palace frequently."

"Your relationship sure is good." Luo Yixin look to them smiling, "Yan'er, can I also become a part of your group?"

Qingyan walked over next to Luo Yixin and pulled her over, "Naturally you can. Else, I wouldn't have pulled you here. Besides, mother and (maternal) aunt also have their own pleasures. We'll just look for our own fun."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Luo Yixin laughed, "You're right, but I really didn't think that this Imperial Garden would have this beautiful of a scenery. Clearly it's not even the season for plum blossoms to bloom, yet it's able to make the plum blossoms bloom so beautifully.

"I heard fourth brother say, this method of making the plum blossoms bloom was told to him by big brother Jingxuan. As for the person behind big brother Jingxuan, we'll know when the time comes." Mu Zhimin said as she intentionally or otherwise look towards Qingyan.

Qingyan stared at the plum blossoms in the Imperial Garden and


Hongjia Emperor also immediately became fond of Su Qingyan before him. He felt Su Qingyan shared a bit of similarities with Qilian Qingyan. Although he's never met Qilian Qingyan, but for some reason, he could sense from her a strangely familiar feeling.

When he thought of Qilian Qingyan, he recalled Qilian Yuran again. If she could also come and attend today's Dragon Gate Banquet, how great would that be.

Seems it has already been five years since he's last seen her?

"Imperial father, so you were in the Imperial Gardens! You've caused this son so much trouble looking for you."

Hearing this voice come through, everyone turned their head around to see Xuanyuan Yukai energetically running over, not the least bit like an imperial prince. "Imperial father, I heard from fourth brother, consort-mother is willing to attend tonight's Dragon Gate Banquet."

When Hongjia Emperor heard this, on the surface he remained calmed, but his heart was blooming with happiness. "Sixth son, is this for real? Your consort-mother is really willing to attend tonight's Dragon Gate Banquet?"

Xuanyuan Yukai looked to Hongjia Emperor and smiled while nodding, "That is of course. But fourth brother said, don't let any fighting and scheming happen during the Dragon Gate Banquet. You know consort-mother has always hated this. If something like that happens, I suppose it's be another long while before you can see consort-mother again." Xuanyuan Yukai said.

Seeing Xuanyuan Yukai not being serious, Hongjia Emperor patted his head, "You little brat, you actually even dare to make fun of your imperial father."

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