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   Chapter 125 Qilian Yuran

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"Fourth brother, how's imperial mother's situation?" Seeing Xuanyuan Yuzhen walking out, Xuanyuan Yukai promptly went up to ask, "Is she still not agreeing to go?"

Xuanyuan Yuzhen recalled Qilian Yuran's words from earlier, "She said to wait until the performance segment, before coming. I hope that nothing will happen when the time comes." Xuanyuan Yuzhen clenched his fist as he said this.

"Then I'll go inform imperial father. To be able to see imperial mother, he definitely will be very happy."

Before waiting for Xuanyuan Yuzhen to react, Xuanyuan Yukai's figure had already disappeared in front of him.

But whatever. It certainly seems to have been long time since imperial mother has seen imperial father. One year, two years, or is it even longer? Perhaps it has probably been about five year's time?

He still remembered his imperial mother's appearance that year when she heard the news of sister Qingyan's death. She kneeled outside father's sleeping chamber and kneeled for a whole day and night. Ultimately, because her body couldn't endure anymore, she eventually collapsed.

Imperial father, in the end, still felt sorry for imperial mother.

But ever since then, imperial mother never met with imperial father ever again.

Gazing at the horizontal inscription board above Guan Ju Palace, Xuanyuan Yuzhen walked away in long strides.

Tonight was bound to be a restless night.

Meanwhile, Luo Bing and the others have already arrived at the Dragon Gate Banquet site in advance. Everyone watched Luo Bing's appearance, but not a single person was willing to go up and talk to Luo Bing, because they were all waiting to see Luo Bing become a joke. And year after year, Luo Bing certainly did end up as their laughing stock.

Especially that Dragon Gate Banquet three years ago. Originally a perfectly fine banquet, yet in the end it became Su Yun's greatest embarrassment in his lifetime.

Seems like today, there'll definitely be a good show too. Seeing Luo Bing's brows tightly lock up, everyone inevitably wanted to start laughing.

Luo Bing and Su Yun were both descendants from military lineage, but regrettably, gave birth to an idiot daughter.

When Liu Yueqiong walked in, she saw Luo Bing standing there by herself, not knowing what she's thinking about. She walked up next to Luo Bing and spoke with a smile, "Big sister, why are you in such deep thought?"

When Luo Bing heard this

u do?"

"Divine retribution, don't you know?"

When Luo Yiqian heard this voice and turned around, she saw Su Qingyan standing nearby holding her own wrist. "Luo Yiqian, good and evil, yet to be compensated, not because it won't be compensated, but because the time has yet to come." She walked up next to Luo Yiqian and said in a cold voice.

"Yan'er, why did you come?" Luo Yixin didn't expect that Su Qingyan would appear at this time, and she didn't think that she would let Qingyan see her in such a sorry state.

"No matter, I just can't stand seeing people bullying others like this. I better take you with me to the Imperial Gardens." Su Qingyan walked over next to Luo Yixin and grasped her hand.

"Su Qingyan, did you think the Imperial Gardens is a place someone with your status can enter?" Luo Yiqian looked to Su Qingyan and sneered.

Heh. Qingyan turned around and coldly snorted at her.

"Many thanks for the worries. Whether I can or can't enter, how does that relate to you?" That said, she directly pulled Luo Yixin along towards the directions of the Imperial Garden.

Luo Yixin, seeing that Su Qingyan moved along without being obstructed the whole way, couldn't help getting curious. But she then suddenly remembered that last time during the Talent Conference, she was personally bestowed the title of 'Junzhu' by the Emperor.

"Yan'er, you're here. We were just thinking when will you finally be back."

Hearing this voice, Luo Yixin looked over and saw the Seventh Princess, Xuanyuan Yuning, and Lexia Junzhu, Mu Zhimin. She quickly bowed to them, "Greetings, Princess, Junzhu."

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