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   Chapter 124 Pros and Cons

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Before waiting for Qingyan to react, Xuanyuan Yuxiu's whip slashed over, "Who are you? How can you be so close to my big brother Jingxuan."

Just as she saw the whip about to hit her, a force from behind casted the whip aside. But when Qingyan surveyed the surrounding, she didn't see anyone around.

Without waiting for Qingyan to reply, Xuanyuan Yuxiu already opened her mouth a second time, "Just who are you?"

"Ninth Princess, if you continue to be like this, I'm not going to like you anymore." Murong Jingxuan mischievously smiled at Xuanyuan Yuxiu; that frivolous appearance made everyone who saw speechless.

"Big brother Jingxuan, don't go!" Xuanyuan Yuxiu very quickly followed after Murong Jingxuan's retreating figure in the distance.

Seeing Xuanyuan Yuxiu's figure disappearing into the distance, Qingyan's lips curved into a smile.

This Xuanyuan Yuxiu seems to be easier to deal with than she'd imagined. It's said she's Xian Consort's daughter, and looks like Xian Consort's quick temper and ruthlessness was all thoroughly inherited by her. Seems like in the palace, the people that like this Princess should be very little.

"Qingyan, are you okay?" Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning looked to her and worryingly asked.

Xuanyuan Yuning couldn't help but frown when she thought of that Xuanyuan Yuxiu's conduct, "I really didn't think that Xuanyuan Yuxiu would be this rude."

"I'm not too bothered." Qingyan looked to the two of them with a warm smile. However, she could feel that behind her, Su Qingxue must have already become extremely tense.

"It really is whatever kind of mother there is, you'll end up with the same kind of daughter." Mu Zhimin scoffed when she thought of Xuanyuan Yuxiu's behavior just now.

"Qingyan is this your little sister? She really is cute." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Qingxue behind Qingyan and smiled, "Since you're Qingyan's little sister, then from now on you're also my friend."

And standing next to Xuanyuan Yuning, Mu Zhimin also nodded.

"If anything happens in a moment, I still need the two of you to help me take care of my second sister." Qingyan grasped Qingxue's hand and earnestly replied.

"In a moment, something definitely will happen during the Dragon Gate Banquet. Moreover, three years ago, you even lost face. I reckon tonight everyone will all be waiting to see your good per

e Consort, Qilian Yuran, they spoke of, was quietly sitting in Guan Ju Palace, drinking tea personally made by Xuanyuan Yuzhen.

"Imperial mother, didn't you always want to meet that girl. Why can't you attend the Dragon Gate Banquet today?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qilian Yuran and helplessly spoke.

"Zhen'er, no matter what. Yan'er is never coming back." Qilian Yuran said as she placed down the teacup in hand and walked over to the window. "I originally thought that Weisheng Junyan would take good care of her, but in the end, he drove Yan'er to her death with his own hands."

Hearing these words, Xuanyuan Yuzhen tightly clenched his fist. Regarding Qilian Qingyan's matters, he knew very little of. In fact, he's never even met her. Everything he knew about her, he'd heard from his imperial mother. He was even thinking, that one day, he could meet her.

But who knew, he would never have the chance to ever again.

"Imperial mother, if big sister (Qilian Qingyan) knew that you're like this, she would definitely be heartbroken for you." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qilian Yuran's lonely figure and walked up next to her, patting her shoulder.

As if she'd thought of something, Qilian Yuran perked up the corner of her lips, "Zhen'er, when it comes to the performance segment of today's banquet, I will then go." With that said, she directly walked towards her sleeping chamber.

Seeing Qilian Yuran's retreating figure, Xuanyuan Yuzhen could only reluctantly turn and leave. But he still instructed Qilian Yuran's servant girls to take good care of her.

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