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   Chapter 123 Disturbance at the Palace Gate

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At the end of the month, the Dragon Gate Banquet arrived at last. Hongjia Emperor once said: "This Dragon Gate Banquet was specially arranged for Su Yun. All the important officials understood in their hearts, as far as the eye can see, the only one that could enjoy such treatment was probably just Su Yun alone.

The Su family bloodline have been Generals since the founding of the Donghe, inheriting first class merits. The previous Emperor had once bestowed the title of 'Heaven Appointed Top General'. Afterwards, Su Yun inherited the old Su General's Duke title and accomplishments. But all the officials also knew that Su Yun right now was more than worthy of being the 'Heaven Appointed Top General'.

Su Yun guarded the intersecting borders of the four countries in Qin province year round. That place was full of unrest, and the commoners were homeless and miserable. Yet, under Su Yun's governance, it has greatly improved. The commoners there furthermore praise Su Yun endlessly.

Qin province has already gradually settled on the right track under Su Yun's governance, and all of this was something Hongjia Emperor was most delighted to see.

Early morning of the Dragon Gate Banquet, Qingyan had already got dressed early, and was sitting in the main reception hall, waiting for Su Yun and Luo Bing's arrival. Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong were also quietly sitting to the side.

Luo Bing originally thought that when she saw Qingyan, she would be wearing those brightly colored clothes. But seeing her now, she was instead wearing a black and gold colored silk embroidered robe with a white colored mink fur coat draped over her shoulders. The accessories in Qingyan's hair were simple, only wearing a type of hairpin that's never been seen before. However, the patterns on this hairpin were exactly the same kind of flower as the ones embroidered on her clothes.

"Good, good, good!" Su Yun looked to Qingyan's outfit and very simply spit out those three words. "Our Yan'er has become a slender and elegant lady." Su Yun walked up next to Qingyan and stroked her head.

Seeing Qingyan's outfit, Luo Bing let out a breath in relief. She finally understood now why her daughter had the qualifications to become a Junzhu.

She still remembered in the past, Qingyan would always like to wear brightly colored gaudy clothes. She also once tried talking to her a few time, but to no avail, Qingyan simply didn't listen to her words and just dressed according to her usual style. But looking at it now, even a black and gold colored d

ith Chai Yiyun's gaze.

Ning Siyao also appeared, bringing along Su Qingyuan. Although Su Qingyuan appeared to be unable to move conveniently, it still wasn't able to conceal her good complexion. However, tonight, she won't be able to walk out of this palace hall, it's a pity just thinking about it.

"This palace gate really is quite lively." An unruly frivolous voice sounded, and when Qingyan looked over, she saw Murong Jingxuan in black walking over.

The black seem to set off Murong Jingxuan's complexion, making him appear more pale. Just then, another voice sounded, "Big brother Jingxuan you came! I really missed you."

"Isn't this Ninth Princess?" Murong Jingxuan said with a smile as he dodged Xuanyuan Yuxiu's incoming figure. Xuanyuan Yuxiu evidently didn't foresee that Murong Jingxuan would avoid her hug, and she could only offhandedly cast an unsightly movement.

When Qingyan saw this scene, she raised her eyebrow at Murong Jingxuan. Murong Jingxuan walked over next to her and whispered, "You have to know, in that old man's eyes, I'm a useless person."

(T/N: I'm unsure of the logical flow between these two lines and the following line...just translating as it is.)

Hearing Murong Jingxuan's words, Qingyan immediately understood. Looks like that Hongjia Emperor isn't someone easy to get along with either. Although he dotes on Qilian Yuran, he was able to be unexpectedly ruthless towards his own eldest legitimate son.

But regardless of such, she'll be meeting this so called Emperor tonight, along with the Empress and the various imperial consorts.

Just what kind of secrets is hiding under this gold and jade dazzling royal palace of Hongjia Emperor?

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