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   Chapter 122 Old Friend's Visit II

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Early next morning, when Qingyan woke, she heard a servant woman say that the old madam's niece has come to the General's manor, saying she's come to depend on the General's manor. And right now, Luo Bing and Su Yun were both in the front reception hall receiving this woman.

The corner of Qingyan's mouth perked up. She knew that this was Deng Yan returning with Jia Yun's identity. After freshening up, she too headed to the front reception hall and at a glance, she immediately saw the radiant looking Jia Yun.

"This must be big sister's daughter. Looking at her, she really looks exactly like big sister." Jia Yun looked to Qingyan with a smile, and Qingyan also nodded in response.

"Yan'er, this is your grandmother's legitimate blood related niece, called Jia Yun. After her father suffered from misfortune, she's become alone and destitute. Thus she's come to rely on our manor."

"Greeting's aunty, Yan'er's here to pay you respect." Qingyan faced Jia Yun and slightly bowed in greeting.

"No need to be so formal." Jia Yun walked up next to Qingyan and held her up with her arm, "I'm the one that needs to thank elder brother and sister-in-law for taking me in."

"Since you're mother's blood related niece, it's with reason that we're relatives, no need to be strangers." Su Yun looked to Jia Yun and calmly spoke, "Since that's the case, the sky isn't early anymore, your sister-in-law and I still need to go to the army barracks. Yan'er, you stay at home and take care of your aunt."

"Daughter understands." Qingyan walked up next to Jia Yun and grasped her hand. "If aunty doesn't mind, then let Yan'er bring your around the General manor to tour."

Jia Yun looked to Qingyan and nodded with a smile. "Alright, naturally it's all good."

Qingyan took Jia Yun with her and leisurely began strolling. And the place they eventually stopped at was Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong's yard.

Although the two siblings lived in one courtyard, this courtyard was particularly spacious. There were many rooms, and aside from two rooms the siblings each took up, there was still about five or six rooms left.

When Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong saw Jia Yun, they immediately ran into her arms, "Mother, I really missed you."

Seeing the two children pouncing over, Jia Yun lifted her hand and stroked their head, "Silly child, mother a

Su Qingyan was a very secretive person, as if no one was able to see through her.

Qingyan looked up to Jia Yun, "Aunty, why do you think I want to treat them this well?"

"Xue'er, Cong'er, in the future, Qingyan will take good care of you two. You don't need to worry." Jia Yun patted Su Qingxue on the head, "And no need to think too much."

Su Qingxue still felt that Jia Yun's words made sense. Right now, she was already the General manor's second young miss, and was even the Junzhu's young sister. Moreover, Qingyan treated them very well. Thus, right now, she certainly didn't have any other burden anymore.

"Big sister, I understand, from now on, I won't worry too much." Su Qingxue looked to Qingyan with a smile, "I hope big sister won't take what I said before to heart."

Qingyan looked to Su Qingxue, shaking her head, "I naturally won't take it to heart."

That was the former Su Qingyan. The her right now, just wants to cherish her time together with her family. She doesn't want to live fighting and scheming against others. She can plot against others, but the ones she's most close to, must definitely not hurt her.

Else, what kind of result that would be, even she didn't know herself either.

But just thinking about the former Qilian Qingyan, she just felt very sad. Her past self also treated Qilian Qingyi as a close sister, but what about in the end?

What did she get in the end?

However, she didn't plan on letting Qilian Qingyi go just like this. Even if she needs to go to hell, they all needed to go with her too.

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