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   Chapter 119 Deng Yan's Death IV

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7267

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The Magistrate listened to Linghua's words and casted a glance at Qingyan. Right now, he was evidently asking for Qingyan's opinion. After all this matter involved the Su manor, and right now within Diqiu, the only one that mustn't be provoked was probably this Su Qingyan.

Most importantly, that person had also ordered him to cooperate with this person before him on everything.

"Sir, it's fine to just handle it impartially. After all, we've already split the family." Qingyan answered with a smile.

Hearing Qingyan's words, the Magistrate casted his gaze onto Chai Yiyun, "Madam, do you have anything you need to explain?"

Chai Yiyun shook her head, "I already said, I didn't kill this concubine." She made an innocent expression that would make other's pity her, but the Magistrate wasn't someone that was easy to decieve.

"Third madam, before you would always mistreat our Yiniang, now you're scared to admit to it?" Linghua coldly laughed at Chai Yiyun. "Actually, the previous matter was also madam's doing, right? You even wanted to harm the fourth miss."

The Magistrate knew that the previous matter Linghua was referring to was probably the voodoo doll incident. And the victim of that incident certainly was Su Qingyan and Deng Yan.

"You little wench. So what if I mistreat a lowly concubine, what of it?" Chai Yiyun wanted to give Linghua a slap, but was unexpectedly stopped by the Magistrate.

"Third madam, I think it's better if you take a trip with me to Judicial Office." The Capital Magistrate said in a solemn tone.

"Sir, I already said I didn't kill that concubine." Chai Yiyun looked to the Magistrate's unyielding appearance and pleaded, but the Magistrate wasn't in the mood to care about these things, and only ordered his people to take her away.

Deng Yan was a concubine. There wasn't a way for her to hold a funeral. Qingyan, as Deng Yan's most trusted person, wanted to take her away, but Su Yan clearly was unwilling to give Deng Yan's corpse to Qingyan.

"Third uncle, could it be that you want to hold a funeral for Yiniang?" Qingyan coldly spoke to Su Yan, "I recall concubines don't have the qualifications to ente


When Deng Yan crawled out of the coffin, she grandly bowed to Qingyan, "Many thanks fourth miss for saving me."

"Yiniang, you're thinking too much. I originally said before that I would protect you for life." Qingyan helped up Deng Yan, "Yiniang, have you thought of what identity to use to come to our General's manor. After all, fifth sister and Cong'er still need your care."

"I'll pretend to be a servant woman, who sold myself into slavery to get money to bury my father. When time comes, miss just remember to buy me home." Deng Yan replied with a smile, "I've also already thought of the name too. We'll call it like that."

"No need to do it like that." Qingyan passed a baggage to her, "Inside this is your new identity and name, also there's an appearance disguising pill."

When Deng Yan looked to Qingyan she had a moved look. She didn't think that Qingyan would actually take so much into consideration. "When the time comes, you just need to act according to plan. That way you can enter our General's manor as a guest. Moreover, my parent won't won't treat you unfairly."

"Many thanks miss for the careful consideration." Deng Yan still had an emotionally moved look.

Su Qingyan looked to Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong, "You need to remember from now on, your mother Deng Yan is already dead. And I will also suggest to his Majesty during the Dragon Gate Banquet to adopt you two under the General's manor's name."

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