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   Chapter 117 Deng Yan's Death II

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Deng Yan knew Qingyan was someone with ideas; she looked to Qingyan earnestly nodding, "I'm willing, I'm willing to believe fourth miss."

"Alright, since you're willing to believe..." Qingyan took out a pill, "Then eat this pill, I guarantee you will die tomorrow."

Deng Yan looked to Qingyan, although not understanding why Qingyan was doing this, she still accepted the pill from Qingyan's hand.

"Yiniang, after swallowing this pill, you can no longer be Deng Yan, are you willing to do this?" Qingyan looked to Deng Yan, still with a calm tone.

Deng Yan listened to Qingyan's words and seemed to have understood what Qingyan was thinking. Her method was to use death to help her leave the Su manor, but after this, the person Deng Yan will no longer exist in the world.

"Yiniang, you have to think carefully. Our General's manor can adopt fifth sister and Cong'er, but if you were to overtly move in like this, it'll be unavoidable for others to gossip. But if you were to die, and enter the General's manor with another identity, I can save you.

As she listened to Qingyan, Deng Yan let out a bitter smile. She looked to Qingyan, slowing reaching her hand towards the skin mask on her face, and underneath that mask was a shocking appearance. Qingyan once saw this face before when she was touring Yundian with Weisheng Junmo.

Yundian was a part of Donghe, yet had the appearance of being cut off from the rest of the world. And within the borders of Yundian, exists an ancient village that had a flourishing civilization. It's said that this ancient village has been passed down from a long long time ago.

For generations, the people there believed in Nuwa*. Some say they were from the netherworld, some say they were from the celestial realm, yet they exist outside the realms of the three world*.

(*T/N: Nuwa - creator of humans in Chinese mythology; three worlds - refer to the heaven, mortal, and underworld)

They were precisely the Gu* Clan. It's said that the Gu Clan were completely wiped out by a natural disaster, but their priestess----Muhu Luja had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

(*T/N: The name can mean witchcraft or to bewitch.)

Qingyan never thought that she would once again see this

hen's, one of two, Joyous Harmony Night Pearl."

"What!" Murong Jingxuan immediately smashed his hand against Qingyan's room's wall. "So that was what the Second Prince was planning to do."

"Murong Jingxuan, this night pearl we certainly need to steal, but why don't we beat him at his own game?" Qingyan raised her head to look at the unpleasant expression on Murong Jingxuan's face, "We can use it to damage eldest sister, how about it?"

"You're saying...?" Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan, suddenly thinking this was a good idea too.

"However, with eldest sister's body, I reckon she won't be able to endure that kind of act. So she'll definitely die without a doubt. Then, when the Emperor comes down with the blame, tsk tsk tsk, it'll really be a beautiful scene."

"That's right! This way, not only will it take care of Second Prince, it can dispose a Su Qingyuan for you."

Qingyan looked to Murong Jingxuan, curving her lips, "But at present, the most important thing is I need to get Deng Yan out of the Su manor."

"That concubine of Su Yan?"

Qingyan nodded, "You probably don't know, but she's Gu Clan's Priestess, Muhu Luja. Really never thought I'd still be able to see this peerless beauty in this lifetime again."

"You know this Gu Clan Priestess?" Murong Jingxuan had only heard of the name Muhu Luja before. Because at the time, the entire Gu Clan had already perished in a sea of fire. As for specifically who's the culprit, until now it is still unknown.

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