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   Chapter 116 Deng Yan's Death I

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Qingyan watched Zizhu's departing figure, her complexion immediately sunk.

In order to deal with her, Chai Yiyun could be considered relentless, committing all manners of crime. To think, she would even harm such a small child. However, she, Su Qingyan, wasn't one to be trifled with. Since Chai Yiyun is neither benevolent nor righteous, what use is there for her to bear this pretentious reputation.

From a secret compartment on her bed, she took out a set of stealth clothes. While it was still dark, she could use the opportunity to bring out Su Qingxue, but wanting to bring out Deng Yan, certainly needed to take some effort. However, if Deng Yan were to die, then that would be a whole other matter. Since Chai Yiyun has this intention, why don't she push the raft along the waves and help Deng Yan leave the Su manor, starting over with a new identity.

"Fengqing, after dark, take a trip to the Su manor with me." Qingyan dully spoke into the air. Soon after, she heard Fengqing's voice in reply.

After Huangcen finished serving Qingyan in using dinner, she even commented something about Su Qingcong, that was, the injuries on Su Qingcong's body were far more severe than they looked.

"Miss, you don't need to worry like that, Lue is already thinking of a way to help the little young master." Huangcen looked to the dejected Qingyan and spoke in a soft voice.

"En. Tonight, no matter what, don't let anyone come bother my rest." Qingyan coldly ordered, as she lowered her head to coil the bandages around her hand.

"Miss, what are you going to do?" Huangcen watched Qingyan's movements and curiously asked, "It can't be that miss is going to intrude the Su manor through the night?"

Qingyan lifted her head to glance at Huangcen and nodded, "No need to worry, I have my ways. Moreover, Fengqing will go with me." Qingyan continued to mind her own business, wrapping the bandages on her hand. "Tonight, just have Qingdai and Chishao stand guard."

"Alright, then miss be careful by all means." With that said, Huangcen turned and left.

By the time Su Qingyan changed into her stealth clothes, the sky had gradually darkened. She looked up to Fengqing on the tree and softly said, "Fengqing, let's go."


Qingyan's qinggong* wasn't considered all tha

"Yiniang, you've suffered. If it weren't for our alliance, you wouldn't have ended up like this." Qingyan walked up next to Deng Yan and untied the ropes for her, she also very easily untied the ropes for Su Qingxue too.

"Fourth miss, you have to save Xue'er. Her and Cong'er are my only worry." Deng Yan knelt down at once, "I'm begging you, fourth miss."

"Yiniang, no need to be so formal." Qingyan helped up Deng Yan. "If I say I have a way to let you leave the Su manor, are you willing?"

Deng Yan widened her eyes at Qingyan's words. She was only a small concubine, unable to be free, how could she even be able to leave the Su manor? This was practically a delusion.

"Fourth sister, do you really have a way to let mother and I leave this place?" Su Qingxue looked to Qingyan and asked in a serious manner, that tone filled with hope.

"I do. But from now on, you'll no longer be the Su manor's fifth miss. Are you willing?" Qingyan smiled at Su Qingxue.

Su Qingxue looked to Qingyan and said without hesitation, "I'm willing. As long as I can leave this place, even if I'm not a miss, I am willing. Besides, I'm just a concubine born daughter, not really some miss."

"Alright, then I can take you out of here tonight." Qingyan patted Su Qingxue's shoulders.

Hearing this from Su Qingyan, Su Qingxue impatiently asks, "Then what about my mother, what will my mother do?"

Qingyan looked to Deng Yan with a smile. "Yiniang, are you willing to gamble with me. Win, and you can leave the Su manor."

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