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   Chapter 115 Su Yun Splitting the Family

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 8255

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Because Sun Bimeng completely and cleanly distanced herself from Su Yun, even if Xuanyuan Yufan wanted to make trouble for Su Yun, he didn't have the chance to either.

Su Qingming furthermore pushed the guilt of this matter onto Su Qingyan's head, and since then, he's found Su Qingyan more and more bothersome.

As for Su Yun, his efficiency was extremely high, he even invited the Su family ancestral clan leader over, saying he wanted to split the family with second house and third house. And regardless of what the clan leader said, he was unwilling to change his decision.

As for Su Jiashi, according to the customs, she should be taken care of by Su Yun, but this was rejected by Su Yun. When asked the reason, he was also unwilling to say.

But Su Jiashi also said she was unwilling to let Su Yun look after her and wanted to remain at the Su manor.

Su Jiashi's words made Su Yun more relieved, and naturally also agreed to Su Jiashi's words.

And in the following days, Su Yun completely moved out of the Su manor. Moreover, the new General's manor's horizontal inscription board was still personally hand written and bestowed by Hongjia Emperor. This seemed to have elevated Su Yun's status by many ranks. And as for Su Qingyan, she also went from Su fourth miss to just miss.

Her courtyard in the General's manor was still called Yingshuang yard and was structured more or less the same as the one before. Moreover, she also transplanted the red spider lilies she planted from before over as well. As for the swing and whatnot, those things were not brought over. Su Yun said he disliked the things from over there, so Qingyan could only leave it.

However, Qingyan's Yingshuang yard this time was much larger than the previous one by an unknown amount. The animal's exercise space also increase by a lot.

The white tiger would always like to sunbathe whenever there was nothing to do. This became one of its greatest pleasures, occasionally it would also lie next to Qingyan's foot acting spoiled.

That evening, Qingyan was sitting in her yard reading when Qingdai frantically ran over and anxiously spoke, "Miss, that Sun Bimeng seemed to have died."

"Oh." Qingyan looked up to Qingdai and nonchalantly spoke, "What does that have to do with me?"

Seeing Qingyan like that, Qingdai immediately understood. Qingyan must have known Sun Bimeng wasn't going to live long. Or rather, Sun Bimeng couldn't have possibly been able to appear

appened these days."

Su Qingcong looked to Qingyan. He who was still very young, didn't understand too many worldly wisdoms, but in this kind of place, he still understood from experience the ups and downs of human relations.

He was a concubine born son, an illegitimate child that everyone disliked. There wasn't anyone that thought highly of him. Yet, one day, he was discovered by his fourth sister, who treated him like her own little brother.

That was his first time feeling a never before warmth in the Su manor, and from the bottom of his heart, he liked this big sister before him.

Sometimes he would think, why wasn't he fourth sister's real younger brother.

And now, it seems like, even if he wasn't fourth sister's real brother, she still treated him as such.

Su Qingcong told her everything that had happened in the Su manor in the last few days from beginning to end.

Just as Su Qingyan had thought, Su Yan didn't know the truth of this matter. And in order to protect the children, Deng Yan didn't tell Su Yan either.

And what Chai Yiyun could do was to more severely punish Su Qingcong and Su Qingxue. She didn't have the ability to deal with Su Qingyan, but dealing with a small concubine, she still had the ability to do so.

"Cong'er, first go with sister Zizhu and go rest, okay? Big sister promises that after you wake up, you'll be able to see your fifth sister." Qingyan looked to him with a gentle expression.

Su Qingcong certainly was a bit tired, so looking to Qingyan, he earnestly nodded. Here, he definitely could sleep with ease, peacefully waiting for his mother and big sister's arrival.

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