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   Chapter 114 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada II

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Su Qingyan knew what Luo Bing was thinking in her heart. In addition to the previous Su Qingyan's behavior, she definitely was still worried about Qingyan being laughed at during the Dragon Gate Banquet. Even if she held the imperial edict from Hongjia Emperor in her hands now, she probably still wouldn't believe it, until she sees Qingyan's expression face to face.

"Mother, I'm already grown up." Qingyan looked to Luo Bing and reluctantly said, "No need to worry about this daughter's matters." Qingyan intimately hugged Luo Bing.

Luo Bing patted Qingyan in her arms, "Yan'er, these years, must been difficult for you."

When Qingyan looked to Luo Bing, she shook her head, "Your daughter doesn't feel slighted."

"Father, mother, something terrible happened!" Su Qingyu quickly ran up before them, "The news of the Second Prince finding women in an tavern* has already spread through the entire capital. Most importantly, second brother seems to have been involved as well."

(*T/N: The author has quite a few inconsistencies throughout the's hard to keep up. They'd wrote restaurant last chapter, but tavern is fairly similar.)

When Qingyan heard this news, she inwardly smiled. Tsk, Murong Jingxuan's arrangements were faster than she'd imagined.

"What does this have to do with me!" Su Yun looked to Su Qingyu and spoke in irritation.

The matter of Xuanyuan Yufan asking to marry Su Qingyan during the imperial court session a few days ago, he still vividly remembered. Now, he had this kind of situation happen to him, serves him right!

"But that girl is the Miss Sun we brought back from the battlefield!" Su Qingyu panicked and blurted these words out.

Hearing Su Qingyu's words, Su Yun creased his brows.

Qingyan, pretending to not know anything, spoke, "Miss Sun? Elder brother, could it be that you brought back a sister-in-law, and didn't let me know?"

"Yan'er....." Luo Bing anxiously spoke, "Don't say nonsense."

Su Yun and Luo Bing saw the curious look on Qingyan's face and could only tell her everything that happened. But what they didn't know was that Qingyan had already heard everything from Sun Bimeng. Furthermore, she even knew Sun Bimeng's ambition of wa

up as such?!"

"Second aunt, right now, second brother is openly sleeping around with other people with the Second Prince here, what does it have to do with me!" Su Qingyan unhesitantly countered, "Second aunt don't lose your rationale."

Ning Siyao slapped aside Qingyan's hand at once. She originally wanted to give Su Qingyan a slap, but Qingyan was pulled into Luo Bing's arms. "Ning Siyao, do you think our family are all easy to bully?" Luo Bing scolded by her full name.

Ning Siyao listened to Luo Bing's words and retracted her hand, "Luo Bing, since that's the case, then I'll trouble you to properly watch your own daughter."

"Ning Siyao, my daughter, I naturally will discipline." Luo Bing replied with a cold snort.

Perhaps, because Ning Siyao was afraid of Luo Bing's status, she didn't continue to speak further. Su Yun then came out with the words, "Second (younger) brother, later, after we return to the manor, we'll settle the accounts and split the family."

Hearing Su Yun's words, Ning Siyao turned her gaze to Su Ming. Su Ming didn't think that Su Yun would put forward this kind of condition. As for Su Qingyan, she furthermore didn't expect that her father would actually mention splitting the family.

Although splitting the family was something that would happen sooner or later, Su Yun mentioning it now, was probably because of bitter disappointment.

Su Ming seeing Su Yun's determined look, momentarily didn't know what to say either.

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