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   Chapter 113 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada I

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"Fengqing, miss' martial art skills seems to be quite impressive." Qingdai watched the figure that flew away and hesitantly spoke. She seemed to have never seen Miss use martial arts before! No, last time, that one time during the Talent Conference, she saw once.

"Qingdai, although Shizi Consort's martial art skills aren't all that, she's able to use concealed weapons to the point of perfection." Fengqing causally spoke, "Qingdai, if we were to one day become Shizi Consort's enemy, I'm afraid we won't even know how we die."

Qingdai listened to his words and nodded, very much in agreement. Their Shizi Consort's personality was truly hard to pin down, or rather, it could be said, if she were to be angered, this girl would have a thousand ways to plot against that person, completely disregarding who the other person was.

Just like this Sun Bimeng....although, this Sun Bimeng was rather pathetic, because she the thought she shouldn't have had was to want to break apart Su Yun and Luo Bing's relationship. Or rather, she shouldn't have thought about trying to set foot into the Su manor.

Glancing at the four people lying on the bed, Qingdai and Fengqing also turned and left momentarily after.

Under the affects of the incense, the four people lying on the bed only felt their body getting more and more hot, further unable to resist the softness underneath. Regardless if it was Xuanyuan Yufan or Su Qingming, they both began to act on the person under them.

"Yan'er, what do you think Xuanyuan Yufan's following reaction going to be?" Murong Jingxuan turned to Qingyan who was sitting on the roof.

"I just want Sun Bimeng to be unable to set foot into my Su manor. As for Xuanyuan Yufan and Su Qingming, naturally I want to ruin their reputation." Qingyan looked to Murong Jingxuan with a smiling face, and from the room gradually came sounds of moaning.

When Murong Jingxuan looked to Su Qingyan, he found that the young girl before him wasn't the least bit affected, or rather, it seemed that nothing could affect her mood.

"We are openly eavesdropping here on other people....."

Qingyan interrupted his words, "So what, we're not children."

Murong Jingxuan was suddenly speechless when he heard her words, "But you're still a girl after all! Moreover, when the time comes, with Sun Bimeng like that, it's not e

in her arms, "Miss, you're back. How did the matters go?"

Qingyan took the small fox into her arms from Lue, "Just waiting for the results now." Qingyan lifted the small fox high up as she said this. "Yaoyao."

As if becoming spirited in Qingyan's arms, the small fox would always fall back into her embrace. All the way until Su Yun and Luo Bing appeared and saw this scene; they were very startled as well.

"Yan'er, when did you started to like raising these animals?" Su Yun eyed the white tiger lazily lying on the ground and frowned.

"Father, these animals won't harm your daughter." Qingyan held the small fox in her arms and walked over to Su Yun with a smile, "Daughter doesn't have many friends, so I raised these animals to help with the loneliness."

Sighs. Su Yun listened to Qingyan's words and patted her head, "Yan'er, if only father didn't leave you in the capital in the beginning."

"Father, mother, your child doesn't blame you." Qingyan affectionately held onto Su Yun's arm, "I'm quite well right now."

"Yan'er, the once in a year Dragon Gate Banquet at the end of the month is about to start." Luo Bing grasped Qingyan's hand, a worried look was also evident on her face.

During the Dragon Gate Banquet three years ago, Qingyan became the laughing stock of the Diqiu citizens. It was as if she still vividly remembered. Luo Bing was someone who practiced martial arts, she didn't understand what the etiquette of women were. But if her daughter was being pointed at and criticized by others, she still felt very upset inside.

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