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   Chapter 112 Plan within a Plan IV

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When Qingyan woke, the horizon was already beginning to shine. She rubbed her temples, thinking back to everything that'd happened in her dreams just now, as if it was vividly before her eyes, yet intangible.

However, those words from Weisheng Junyan, seemed to continuously echo by her ears. Even until now, she still felt that those words Weisheng Junyan said must have another purpose. Could it be that Qilian Qingyi and Weisheng Junyan really had some kind of deal?

But so what, she already died after all. The original Qilian Qingyan is already dead.

The Su Qingyan now only has a rotting heart remaining.

Weisheng Minning and Weisheng Minjing were living very well under Weisheng Junmo's protection.

Perhaps they all carried the drive for revenge, but as long as they were alive and well, she'd be at ease.

As for Weisheng Junmo, just let him become her life's only regret in her heart.

When Zizhu entered the room, she saw a gentle smile bloom across Qingyan's lips. She walked up next to Qingyan and began helping her change, wash her face, and rinse her mouth.

After using breakfast, she brought Qingdai with her to the yard that Sun Bimeng resided in. And at this time, Sun Bimeng was also waiting for her in the yard.

Sun Bimeng seemed to have already regarded Qingyan as her only hope, wholeheartedly wanting to depend on Qingyan to set foot into the Su Manor. But what she didn't know was Qingyan's true intentions.

On the way, Qingyan had already spat out the Ghost Ringed Scorpion to go find Sun Bimeng on its own. Based on Su Qingyuan's reaction that day, it should be able to have an reaction after the scorpion enters the body. Furthermore, on the second day, the memories of what happened that day won't be there.

At least, the memories that should be retained would still be there.

Meanwhile, Sun Bimeng, who was standing by the window fiddling with the plants, only felt a numbing sensation on her arm. By the time she looked over, she found there was nothing, only a red spot on her arm. In her mind, she only thought she must have been bitten by some bug.

So she didn't pay much attention to it either.

"Miss, that Su fourth miss has come and is in the yard." Hearing Granny Zhang's words, Sun Bimeng turned

waste time."

Seeing Xuanyuan Yufan like that, he felt it was like as if Xuanyuan Yufan was poisoned. The girl before them, although could be considered a rare beauty, they still needed to discuss how to conspire against Su Qingyan right now.

How is it okay to hold up the important matters because of a this girl before them?

Sun Bimeng felt the loathing stare from Su Qingming, and she immediately hid into Xuanyuan Yufan's arms, speaking in grievance, "Young master, if I'm being a bother here, then I should probably leave."

Xuanyuan Yufan glared at Su Qingming and spoke in annoyance, "If there's something you're not satisfied wtih, put it off until tomorrow."

Bur for some unknown reason, Su Qingming stared at Sun Bimeng as if he was possessed, "Your Highness, this kind of rare beauty, naturally needs to be enjoyed by two people."

Xuanyuan Yufan looked to him and for some reason seamlessly nodded. Afterwards, the two of them simultaneously fainted.

"Yan'er, what do you plan to do now?" Murong Jingxuan stood in the room looking to Qingyan with a smile, "You probably already have thought of what to do right?"

"Fengqing strip their clothes off, oh and, don't forget to arrange them in a good posture." Qingyan looked to the four lying on the bed smiling, "Oh, that's right, that incense just now, remember to use a heavy quantity."

With that said, Qingyan stepped onto the window ledge and leapt off. Seeing her figure flying away, Murong Jingxuan closely followed after.

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