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   Chapter 106 Death to Schemes II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7239

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Murong Jingxuan poked Qingyan's forehead, "Such vicious ideas, probably only you can come up with."

Hearing Murong Jingxuan's helpless voice, Su Qingyan shrugged her shoulders unconcerned, "Second brother is selfish and has no regards for others, do you think he will, for the sake of his future prospects, save his younger sister? This bit, just thinking about it feel interesting." Qingyan covered her mouth and lightly chuckled.

"But lately, there isn't anything happening in the city, what should we do to let Su Qingyuan go out." Murong Jingxuan rubbed his chin as he pondered this, "Yan'er, do you have any good ideas?"

"If we don't have a way, we'll just make a way! Qingyan rolled her eyes at Murong Jingxuan, "You have that many people under you, if you want to let this rumor spread, isn't it an effortless matter."

Murong Jingxuan looked to her and laughed, "That's true."

"Then that's settled. It's best if we can let this rumor become the leisure time gossip of all the people of Diqiu before Su Qingming returns." Qingyan picked up the teacup and slowly began to drink, "Doesn't the Fourth Prince really want to deal with Su Qingming too? Just take this as my first present to the Fourth Prince."

"If Fourth Prince can receive this gift of yours, he'll certainly be very happy." Murong Jingxuan playfully spoke.

Su Qingyuan just reached marriageable age this year. If it was known that something like this had happened, who knows how they will view Su Ming and Ning Siyao.

Most importantly, Su Ming was also a selfish and self centered man. For the sake of his political career, he will do anything. This matter will more or less have an affect on his career. Just who knows how he's going to respond to this matter.

Ning Siyao, this bitter fruit, you'll have to swallow yourself.

"Miss, just as you'd expected, Sun Bimeng and Granny Zhang both think you're an usable pawn and are planning to use you to get their foot in to the Su manor." Fengqing appeared before her and calmly spoke, "However, at the moment, they haven't noticed anything unusual."

Hearing Fengqing's words, Qingyan coldly laughed. "Want to use me? Then w

is place. Although some of the men there had wives, due to being unable to meet their wives all year round, it was difficult to guarantee that nothing would happen if they met a woman.

That place, men have went too, but the work there simply wasn't meant for all. All day long, heavy manual labor was the focus. Although they could eat well and dress well, if someone weak and feeble went, then they definitely wouldn't be able to endure that kind of life.

Most importantly, the boss there was a good person. Every night, he would arrange to send them something, just it was a pity there was only one every night. Although the person wouldn't die, there wasn't any meaning in living either.

However, it's said that women who went there were all prostitutes. Since when would a noble's daughter be wholeheartedly willing to go to that kind of place. After going to that kind of place, how could they still have the face to meet anyone!

When Ning Siyao heard this news, she felt she was about to go insane. She looked to Su Qingyuan lying on the bed and said without even thinking, "Yuan'er, are you hiding something from me?!"

Su Qingyuan looked to Ning Siyao and dryly replied, "What would I be hiding from you?"

"The matter about you being violated! You did other things that night too, didn't you?"

When she heard Ning Siyao say this, Su Qingyuan held her head and began to loudly scream, unknown as to what she recalled.

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