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   Chapter 105 Death to Schemes I

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"Can I call you Yan'er from now on?" Sun Bimeng looked to Qingyan smiling, "I always hear the lord boast about you."

Qingyan looked to her and earnestly nodded, "You can! Big sister, what's your name?"

Seeing Qingyan put on an innocent and naive look, Sun Bimeng just knew her opportunity came, especially at this most crucial moment. As long as she can obtain this little girl's concern, it won't be long before she sets foot in the Su manor.

Or rather it should be said, setting foot in the Su manor was merely an imminent matter.

"I'm Sun Bimeng, a singer Lord Su saved from the battlefields." Sun Bimeng looked to Qingyan and softly said, "I really admire Lord Su a lot."

"My daddy is really impressive. I also see my daddy as a big hero." She looked to Sun Bimeng with a smile on her face.

This Sun Bimeng was a lot more naive than she'd imagined. This meant that all these ideas of hers were simply put in her head by Granny Zhang.

But since she wants to marry into the General's manor, then we'll just have to see if she has the means to do so.

At the very least, they also needed to give the Second Prince a big surprise.

Sun Bimeng really thought that Su Qingyan was very easy to trick, so she told everything to her, hoping to win her sympathy. Qingyan continued to smile and treated her like a sister.

All the way until the sun had set in the west, did Qingyan finally get up and leave the yard. When she was turning to leave, a deep and unpredictable smile appeared on her lips.

And behind her, Sun Bimeng also had a confident smile.

"Miss, looks like you were able to deceive that girl." Granny Zhang looked to Sun Bimeng grinning, "Looks like your dream of entering the Su manor will be realized soon."

Sun Bimeng looked at her own reflection in the mirror, listening to Granny Zhang's words, and happily smiled too, "Indeed, I really never thought I would meet Lord Su's daughter at this time. If I can bribe the hearts, then naturally it's a happy matter."

Granny Zhang looked to Sun Bimeng, and although she felt somewhat disdain, for the sake of master's plan, she could only blindly obey Sun Bimeng's wishes. However, right now, she alre

a simple matter anymore.

Looks like she still needed to get Murong Jingxuan's help on this. Those men were his people after all! It would be best to find some excuse to let them recognize Su Qingyuan as the girl that night. But which methods should she use?

"Yan'er, what are you thinking about?"

Hearing this voice, Qingyan raised her head and saw Murong Jingxuan sitting at the window's ledge.

"I'm thinking of you." Qingyan shamelessly spoke, "However, I'd never thought that Shizi was actually a parasite in my stomach, and turned up without an invitation."

"To be able to hear that from Yan'er is quite moving." Murong Jingxuan appeared next to her in a single move, "Tell me, do you have something you want me to help with? Sun Bimeng's matter?"

"Su Qingyuan is pregnant, can that be considered a good thing?" Qingyan walked over to the table and helped him steep the tea. "After this news gets out, how much do you think second uncle's reputation will fall? Su Qingyuan was once a female talent praised throughout the capital after all."

"What do you want to do?" Murong Jingxuan, hearing Qingyan's cold tone, just knew she must have already had a plan in mind.

"Find an opportunity to make those men recognize Su Qingyuan as the woman that night! This is my great surprise to second brother for his return to the capital." Qingyan looked to Murong Jingxuan and slowly spoke, "Do you think second brother will like this surprise?"

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