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   Chapter 104 Sun Bimeng IV

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"If a girl can be just an ordinary girl, then naturally it was for the best." Qingyan looked to them and calmly spoke, "But my Su manor is a ruthless place."

"If you want to survive in a wolves' lair, then you'll have to turn yourself into a wolf." Qingyan's voice was neither soft nor loud, yet it was enough for everyone in the entire room to hear.

"Good words. Su Qingyan, if you were a man, I really would want to recruit you as an advisor, have you scheme for me."

"Thank you Fourth Prince for the honor. This bit, Qingyan feels unworthy to receive." Qingyan looked to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and calmly spoke. "I've only just done some things, it's not worthy of praise."

"Since everyone is here todays, then I'll invite you all for a feast." Murong Jingxuan summoned the shopkeeper to prepare for everyone a luxurious lunch.

Qingyan looked to Murong Jingxuan, having no intention of wanting to stay, "Shizi, I still have some things to take care of, so it's inconvenient to stay here, I'll take my leave in advance."

Originally, Murong Jingxuan wanted to urge her to stay here for the meal, but seeing that look of hers, he was unwilling to speak out to make her stay.

Seeing Qingyan's figure retreating in the distance, Mu Zhimin opened her mouth smiling, "Brother Jingxuan, if you like Yan'er, why haven't you chased after her!"

"That's right, that's right, Qingyan's a good girl." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Murong Jingxuan and teasingly said.

It wasn't until Murong Jingxuan glared at them with his ice cold gaze did they finally shut up. They didn't want to die in Murong Jingxuan's icy cold gaze after all.

"Fengshuang, go follow after Yan'er and see what she's up to." Murong Jingxuan's chilly voice spoke into the air.



After leaving Julong Zhai, Qingyan made Qingdai go with her to where that Sun Bimeng was staying. If she wanted to deal with Sun Bimeng, she needed to first see what kind of person this Sun Bimeng was.

Thinking up to that point, Qingyan smirked. She whispered something into Qingdai's ears, and Qingdai grinningly went to fulfill her order. Qingyan randomly found a place to sit down.

About an

arly understood. But this was just what she wanted, to have Granny Zhang think she was kindhearted.

"So it's Lord Su's daughter! Quickly come in." Granny Zhang completely changed face, looking to Qingyan with an amiable look. "Miss, this courtyard Lord Su granted to our miss."

"Oh!" Qingyan grinningly spoke, "I'm Qingyan, I wonder what kind of madam granny's master is?" Qingyan tilted her head like a young lady that wasn't well versed with the matters of the world.

This look of hers made Granny Zhang want to take advantage of her more. "Our miss was saved from the battlefield by Lord Su. Lord Su is a good person."

Just as Granny Zhang was leading Qingyan into the yard, she saw Sun Bimeng standing there shyly. She walked over to Qingyan and very intimately grasped her hand, "I can't believe you're Lord Su's daughter. Your looks are somewhat similar to the lord's though."

"Big sister is also really beautiful." Qingyan tilted her head and looked to Sun Bimeng, still grinning.

Hearing Qingyan's words, Sun Bimeng blushingly spoke, "Not as pretty as you are, I'm already old." When Sun Bimeng heard her say those words, she just knew Qingyan was a pawn she could use. And when she looked to Granny Zhang, Granny Zhang's eyes were also filled with agreement.

Sun Bimeng looked at the young girl before her, thinking about how to curry favor with this young girl. Looks like she certainly can use this pawn to marry into the Su manor.

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