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   Chapter 103 Sun Bimeng III

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"Has miss thought of a way to deal with this Sun Bimeng?" Qingdai looked to Qingyan, who was contemplating, and asked.

Qingyan smiled and strode ahead in a good mood, "Qingdai, Fengqing, let's go. Today, this miss is going to invite you two for a delicious meal at Julong Zhai." With that said, she went on ahead.

Seeing Qingyan's figure turning to leave, Fengqing and Qingdai quickly followed after her. This miss before them, seemed different than usual. Could it be that she really encountered something good.

The current shopkeeper of Julong Zhai recognized Su Qingyan. When he saw her, he happily went up to welcome her, "Shizi Consort, you've come at a good time, Shizi is still at his usual spot."

Qingyan let out a gentle smile at the shopkeeper, and afterwards she quite familiarly found her way to Murong Jingxuan's private room. But she didn't expect that Xuanyuan Yuzhen, Xuanyuan Yukai, Xuanyuan Yuning, and Mu Zhimin would all be here as well.

The moment she pushed opened the door, Qingyan helplessly held her head.

"Yan'er, how come you're here? We were just discussing how to deal with the Jingguo Marquis manor." Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan in a good mood.

Xuanyuan Yukai didn't think that Murong Jingxuan would also tell her these kinds of things. Looking to Qingyan, he couldn't help but to have a bit of a curiosity towards her. This girl before him seemed to have a calm look in her eyes, but for some reason, he felt this girl perhaps was a match for the usually smiling Murong Jingxuan.

What kind of personality Murong Jingxuan had, he was more than understanding of. Just like Xuanyuan Yuzhen next to him, he was always so difficult to see through. It was like as if no one knew what he was really thinking in his heart. But fortunately, Xuanyuan Yuzhen didn't hide anything from them.

It was precisely because Xuanyuan Yuzhen was standing on the Crown Prince's side, that they all stood on the Crown Prince's side. And based on Xuanyuan Yuzhen's personality, this was nothing but a plan of convenience.

"Is that so." The corner of Qingyan's lips curved up, "It just so happens, I came to find you for this reason as well." Qingyan met with Murong Jingxuan's gaze smilin

also knows how to carry out this matter."

Murong Jingxuan looked to the two of them. Qingyan knew about Xuanxin's past, and Xuanyuan Yuzhen also knew about Xuanxin's past. For Xuanxin to have ended up like this today, it was all Qilian Qingyi's fault.

"Don't worry, I'll keep this matter in mind." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to her and said, "What other ideas do you have?"

Qingyan shook her head at him, "At present, we only need to wait for the opportunity." She lifted the teacup a second time and slowly drank the tea, "Shizi, the tea leaves here in Julong Zhai sure are one of a kind."

When Mu Zhimin and Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Qingyan, they couldn't help but to have a good impression of her.

"Qingyan, I really never thought that you'd even have this kind of ability. Usually, when fourth brother and sixth brother are discussing these things, they never even take me with them." Xuanyuan Yuning looked to Qingyan and said with a smile, "But Qingyan, you looked like you carefully deliberate every step you take."

"En, I agree with Ning'er. Sister, how are you able to do this?" Mu Zhimin looked to her and asked.

Qingyan looked to them, not knowing how to reply to this question.

If she'd went through life and death once, then perhaps she'd understand why Qingyan needed to carefully deliberate at every step.

Every frightening step, taking the risks, despite knowing the dangers.

But if she doesn't struggle once, how would she know the results.

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